Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fashion Books

Everyone one's been doing book reviews! So today I want to show you the best fashion and beauty books out there.                                                          


This book goes through all the different styles...from glam (shown above) to girly, classic to edgy. For each style it shows a week full of outfits, to go items and accessories. Some of the outfits are super cute and it's a definite fun to look at and apply.
While Seventeen Style is good for outfit ideas, this is more about finding your style. It has tricks to shopping online, how to layer, how to pattern, and what to pack on vacations. I find myself relying a bit more on this book when it comes to my own closet, and she also has some cute outfits that can easily be copied (for example the sweater above, jeans, and boots)

I think all girls should have this book. This is all about trying to make yourself look the best, through hair and makeup, but knowing how to not overdo it. She has great tricks for people with a monolid, freckles, curly hair, straight hair, getting your hair to be less frizzy, pretty much everyone. She shows you what to use to apply makeup and how to not overdo it. Sure the personal stories can get a bit annoying (like how many times do you have to mention you were on the TV show The Hills) but the tricks are flawless and can really help.

While this is more for middle age women, us youngsters can still get some fabu french advice. First off, if your going to Paris this book has a great list of french hotels, restaurants and shops. In fact I recently got a dress from one of the stores she mentioned, Souer, for a special event (while the shipping was a bear, the dress was amazing.) Plus she has good fashion-faux that we can all learn from and take to advice. Plus the outfit above (which was my favorite outfit from the book) is just so cute the way she mixes colors. 

                                                         Happy almost Friday!


  1. I love Parisian Chic! ;)
    and lol at the hills comment! even though i do love LC

  2. I've been wanting to check out LC's book!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee


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