Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Wear my Heart on my Sleeve

Happy Weekend!
i love making my collages. LOVE IT! it doesn't even take me that long and gives me a chance to see what's "in". So today, i have created for you a collage focused on hearts. When i was on vacation and made a fabulous trip to the outlets, i went into old navy and saw a sweater with a big heart on it and fell in love. It was good for layering and everything, but it was overpriced for what it was so i left it in hope of buying it sometime later if it goes on sale hoping to buy is nonetheless). So anyways, then i realized how awesome the heart pattern was! i mean, everyone could use a little extra love, right? So then my collage was born! Enjoy!

neon top/ sock set/ tee/ belt/ ring/ eyelashes/ heels/ jeans/ nautical sweater/ sweater/ animal print heart/ bangles/ studs/ tights/ ring/studs/ tights/ cuff/ scarf/ shoe clips/ tee/ sweater/ crop top/ elbow patch sweater/ gloves/ loafers/ skirt/ top/phone case/ shoe clips/ cardigan

Ps, as always, click to enlarge!
P.P.S, see this post to see the sweater i was talking about

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