Sunday, September 16, 2012


Yesterday, Sky and I met up and drove out to a lovely farm called "One Straw Farm"
I personally know the farmers and they had just gotten new pigs. they have had pigs only once before and they only had 2 and they weren't very friendly. These pigs however, were smaller, cuter, and the big ones let you pet them. One day, they'll e bacon, pork roasts, and ham, but for now, they are super cute and fun to watch.
So as you can see, they are super adorable. We were even there when one of the farmers made some mud for them to roll in.

 So as you can tell, they were a ton of fun. (Sky has more pictures on this and will be posting them in a later post)
However, the rest of the farm was beautiful as well!
Take a Look:
 Breathtaking. We will definitely be going back. Piggies, Goats, Chickens, Veggies, and Beautiful Scenery. a perfect way to spend a saturday!


  1. woot woot! The video turned out fabulous! :D

    1. i didnt make it, a family member of the farm did it
      but i agree...fab!

  2. Hey Hannah, its Brandon, I wish I coulg of come :(

    1. Haha yes it was time ;)
      we'll give you some of the bacon ;)


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