Friday, September 14, 2012

Purple friday #1

Actually it's the second. LAST week was the first one!

(Dress: Forever 21, Heels: Gap, Bandana: Vintage, Bracelets: New York and Company, Target and Vintage)

 As you all realize, the football season has started and I root for the Raven's. So they have something EVERY week where their fans should wear purple to support them for the upcoming game. I try to oblige even if it's just a teeny bit of purple and even if no one else is doing it. So this dress has some in it, but i thought i would add a bit more in the accessories compartment. plus a pair of cute sandals and the outfit for the warmest day of the week is complete! Happy Weekend and Go RAVENSSSS!!!


  1. I like the theme, although I don't like the Ravens :D Trendy Tips

    1. Well i guess that's your loss ;)
      Go Ravens!


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