Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Clinging to Summer

Have I mentioned my aunt's farm before?
If not, you should know my aunt and uncle are organic farmers in rural Maryland. Every year, they invite their customers to picnic on their lawn and enjoy live music and the beautiful scenery. Anastasia's family joined us on Sunday evening for this year's event and we couldn't stop ourselves from documenting the most beautiful angles of the property. 

The farm dog, Easy

ft. my younger brother in the back of the Gator

Even though the chilly temperature was an indication of the impending fall/winter, we couldn't help going jacket-less and frolicking through the fields or sitting out on a picnic blanket eating watermelon. It was one of those final days of warm weather where you can pretend it's still summer.

Shirt&Shorts: Thrifted, High-Tops: Converse, Earrings: Bought in Rehoboth

I made homemade cookies 

all pictures taken by either myself or Anastasia 

 What are you doing during these last days of summer?

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