Sunday, August 9, 2015


You may have noticed that for the past week or two, Anastasia and I have been a lot more quiet on the blog and social media, and we thought it was appropriate to tell you why we've been so busy lately:

July 2nd marked this blog's third birthday, and August 6th marked my seventeenth birthday.
Happy Birthday Metallic Party Balloon Kit - Urban Outfitters
I actually forgot that our blog had turned 3 for a really long time! I feel like I've been blogging for my entire life. I think my parents thought it was going to be a phase and they were waiting for me to fizzle out, but obviously that never happened. This blog is going strong and is getting bigger and better everyday.
Similarly, so am I! 16 was one of the best years of my life so far. I grew immensely as a person and developed a lot of my own views. I matured, I figured out what my passions are, it was a year of growth.
Here's to a fabulous 4th year of Freckles and Olives and here's to hoping my 17th year is even better than my 16th

My employee discount at Old Navy will be the bane of my monetary existence. Being out on the floor all the time is like shopping while I work. I convince myself I like something, I try it on, and then I end up buying it during my break. It's a vicious cycle and I end up spending most some of my paycheck there, but when you get 50% off just for working there, how could you not?
working in retail is dangerous
Dress / Circle Skirt / Pajama Shorts / Balconette Bikini Top / Ruffle-Trim Bikini Top / Maxi Skirt
For a first job, it's been fun! I loved getting some retail experience and working with fashion. So far the highlight has been dressing a mannequin which tells me that I'd rather be styling than organizing in the dressing room, but this has been a great experience and I'm getting some pocket cash out of it too.

I've been having a lot of existential crises lately about death and time and age and it's all because I'm realizing now that a lot of the things I do this year will be "lasts".
It's not just me either!! All you have to say is "Guys we're seniors" and my entire group of friends will come close to tears.
This year will mark the official end to life as we've known it for the past 12 years and that end, that change, is what affects us so deeply.
Seniors: Our last band camp
(Will post senior portraits when I get them. More senior year pictures to come in general)

Anastasia and I are super mega band nerds. Marching band for us is a lifestyle, not just a club. For the past two weeks, we've spent 8 hours of our day teaching our peers how to march and memorizing nearly half of our show thus far. While it's extremely exhausting and generally results in lots of sweat and sunburn, it's extremely rewarding. 
"Dress up your section leader day"

The field show

All the leaders lined up to be pied in the face after the performance

Having whipped cream all through your shirt and hair and face is disgusting but it's so fun and so worth it

What's been keeping you busy?


  1. Happy belated birthday and blogiversary!:)


  2. I remember senior year and all the nostalgia with it. I wasn't too attached to highschool but simply leaving your comfort zone for a new place is definitely scary and intimidating but looks like yoyu're going to rock it (as well as Anastasia) Happy blogiversary mine is today as well! Have a great day!

    1. Aw thank you! I'm not the biggest fan of high school either but it's going to be a change.
      Happy blogiversary!!


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