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The Liebster Award

Today, my post on how I chose Journalism will be featured on Caught Between the Pages! You should definitely check it out!!

In other blogging-community news, Anastasia and I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Abigail over at Living the Gray Life
It was incredibly sweet of her to nominate us and answering questions about ourselves and our blog is always fun, and our bloggiversary was pretty recent so the timing couldn't be better!

11 Questions

1. Why did you start your blog?
H: This is a super long story that starts back when I was in 8th grade...so 2011 or 2012. My friend group was at a sleepover and decided to start a virtual magazine that we entitled In Parenthesis. There were about 20 contributors and 1 editor. After one issue, it sort of just stopped because our editor understandably couldn't keep up with all that editing and finish her homework on time. Next, the fashion and interior design departments of said magazine branched off and published a few issues before middle school cattiness caused a riff and that magazine also ended. The last magazine I published was entitled Twirl and similar to In Parenthesis, the work of editing the entire thing and writing most of the content was too much for me and so I started a blog at age 13 to continue combining my passion for writing and passion for fashion. After 3 name changes and some personnel changes, Freckles and Olives is our pride and joy.

2. What is your blog about?
H: That's a good question...Anastasia? How would you describe what we write about? 
A: We mostly just write about what we like. Our blog doesn't stick to a specific label because we are multi-dimensional people and that's what illustrate in our posts. Sometimes we have photo and outfit posts, others highlight the music/books/movies we like, and some posts just provide some insight into our daily lives and our philosophies. The only thing that comes close to all of that is lifestyle, so yea, I guess we have a lifestyle blog if you want one word answer. 

3. How often do you post?
H: It depends. We usually try to post 2 or 3 times a week.
A: If we don't post for a bit it's because we are either super busy or completely uninspired. But I think we've been on a steady stream for a couple months now which is really good, getting more readership has really helped me stay on top of posting. School makes having routine posts difficult but we really do try our best. I apologize in advance if we don't post a lot in that fall, between college applications (yuck!), marching band (yay!), and homework (boo!) Hannah and I will be very busy little bees. 

4. What makes you keep blogging?
H: The same thing that drove me to keep starting magazines as each one failed: the creative outlet is important to me!! This blog combines my love for style and my love for informal writing. I can share my opinions, even if not a lot of people really hear them...I truly love it
A: Besides it being a creative outlet, I love blogging because I get to see the results of my work. Some posts take a while to finish but seeing them published and on the home page gives me a lot of satisfaction. Beyond that, the readership we get drives me to post more because people actually read & appreciate the posts that I put together, and I love you all for that. 

5. How long have you been blogging?
H: 3 years as of July 2nd! But I've been doing this fashion thing for 4 years!!
A: This fall marks my third year and boy have I come a loooong way. 

6. What are your hobbies?
H: MARCHING BANDDDDD!!! That, jazz band, Latin club, tech crew, journalism, the creative writing publication at our school, and Irish Dance...I think that's it? I craft, sew, and binge-watch Netflix in my free time. 
A: MARCHING BANDDDDD!!! Also, Greek dancing, history club, volunteering, literary magazine at school, Key Club, and youth group. I think that's it...I feel like I need to consult my resume at this point. Besides that I really love to read books/magazines. and write/doodle, make crafts, and listen to podcast/music. 

7. What is your most favorite blog post that you’ve written?
H: I honestly don't know...I really enjoy writing these really serious ones, but it's pretty labor intensive...I have really good ideas for 
A: My crown jewel is this post from just a little while back. The creativity topic I dealt with was personal so I was very passionate and determined to write something meaningful. I put in a lot of time, thought, and effort into perfecting that post, and actually providing real "creative solutions". And even if it's not my favorite, it's the one I am most proud of. 

8. To where would you love to travel?
A: Oh jeez... basically the entire world. Each place is so unique and I want to experience and absorb it all. But at least for now I would love to go to London, or England in general. Although the weather doesn't sound spectacular the history, location, and vibrant culture make it seems like such  lively city. 
H: I agree...I have thousands of places I'm dying to visit. If I had to choose somewhere new to go, it'd have to be Italy, but I'm Pining to go back to Yellowstone, San Francisco, or Hawaii. Any of the three will do...

9. Are you still in school? If so, what year?
A: Yup, I'm now a rising senior which is exciting but scary. I'm ready to expand my horizons but for adult things (taxes, insurance, booking my own doctor's appointments) I'm like ?????? no thanks. But before all that starts, I want to make some great memories in my last year of high school. 
H: I SERIOUSLY DON'T FEEL LIKE A SENIOR!!! Except I'm going to have to get over that because college apps
*sighs heavily* 

10. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
A: All I really want is a kitten. My house is mostly white and my parents are really clean so the best I can get at this point is my fish Lincoln. 
H: Other than my amazingly adorable 2 labradoodles?  A Buffalo...I love those things. Unfortunately they're super dangerous, huge, dirty, and not super snuggly. Thankfully my labradoodles are!!

11. And most importantly, what’s your favorite food? (don’t worry, you can have multiple)
H: All food. I simply love food.
A: You'd think this would be an existential question because it's so difficult to answer. Well I love lots of Greek food like baklava, but I like also lamb chops, mac n' cheese, guacamole, ice cream, and tacos. 

11 Facts About Us

1. We went to the same elementary school but weren't friends. We hit it off the first day of band camp freshman year. 
2. We both participate in ethnic dance.
3. Anastasia knows Greek and Hannah kinda knows Latin so hooray classical civilizations!!
4. Hannah wishes she could spend every vacation in the mountains while Anastasia only pines for the beach
5. Both gals enjoy fan-girling over Wes Anderson movies and jamming out to some sweet 80's pop music
6. We agree that Pixar movies are superior quality-wise, but those old Disney movies will have a special place in our hearts forever (you can do literally ANYTHING while listening to "I'll Make a Man Out of You")
7. Both of us know the Just Dance 2 routine for "Toxic" by heart and will frequently start doing the moves
8. We consider ourselves button and patch aficionados. We're crafty^2
9. Our athletic abilities are at about the same level: 0
10. We've never had any classes together (other than band)
11. Despite our differences, we're best friends and neither of us would rather blog with anyone else. We're constantly on the same wavelength.

Once again, many thanks to Abigail for nominating us!! 
We nominate...
Anyone who wants to participate! We don't want to make anyone feel pressured into posting content they don't want to, and we don't want to exclude anyone who wants to participate. Our only request is that if you do answer these lovely questions, that you email or comment to let us know.

...and for our nominees, we pose these 11 questions:
1. What's the best opportunity blogging has provided you with?
2. Who has inspired you most in your life? 
3. What's your dream job? 
4. What fictional character do you want to bring to life? 
5. Where is your favorite place in the world?
6. What was the most memorable event in your life thus far?
7. What is your favorite artist/song and why?
8.What era would you have liked to live through/ what historical event would you have liked to witness? 
9. What's a goal you'd like to achieve before the end of the year?
10. What's something you've challenged lately?
11.What's a habit you're trying to break?

Have you ever been nominated for the Liebster award? If so, feel free to share you link in the comments! We'd adore to read about it!


Hannah & Anastasia

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