Friday, August 15, 2014

Yay Marching Band!

  Firstly, I would like to apologize for not posting in a while. Being out of the country with limited internet access has its drawbacks. But honestly, I've also been downright lazy. I know, shame on me.

   Although, these past two weeks Hannah and I had to wake up at around 7:30 to go to BAND CAMP!! YAY! Being a leader of a 120+ member group has its ups and downs but it is so rewarding I would never trade in those two weeks for anything. Our laughter echoed through the trees and our sound could be heard down the streets. Marching band has become a second home for me and these people below are my second family. We all are a little crazy but we love each other none the less. When we perform for our parents, friends, and visitors there is such a huge sense of pride that pours out from us, and that pride is what makes our band roar.

//one// All of the band's leaders. Hannah is in the top row, fifth person in, and I am in the second row, second from the left. 

//two// We were attempting to be cool-- it didn't work. Hannah and I are on the far right making weird hands.

//three// The leaders also found a George Foreman grill in our band director's office. Needless to say, we put it to good use

//four// Dress up your section leader day. We all looked ridiculous. Hannah is sitting on the ledge wearing the bear suit and I am right behind her with weird glasses, a Jesse cowboy hat, and wings you can't see. 

//five// Our "High School Musical" type jump. Hannah and I are on the far right. 

//six// Neither Hannah nor I am in this, but this is what goes on during Hannah's sectionals...

//seven// So this needs a little explanation. After our performance at the end of band camp leaders give out a pie ticket to one person in their section. All the leaders kneel down and have to take whip cream right to the face. Hannah and I are in the second row fourth/ fifth for the right. You can't see this but there is whipped cream all in the back of my head because two people snuck up behind me and pied my hair and back. After this we had an epic water balloon fight. But, we smelled horrible. Water and hot whipped cream don't mix. 

//eight// some leader shenanigans 

//nine// Hannah's section decorated the courtyard where they hold sectionals for her 16th birthday

//ten// Hannah and I with some friends talking a selfie while waiting in line for ice cream. Typical. 

//eleven// So there was a competition to see which section of the band could take the best selfie, a "Section Selfie Competition." The leaders in my section, including myself are obsessed with stock photos. If you haven't seen them please go educate yourself. In stock photos the people have the most obscure items in their hands so we told everyone to bring in the most random things. If you look at each person they are doing something weirdly strange. We have a pizza box, light saber, cactus, a plunger wearing a green wig, and in the top right a girl is holding uop a graph of increasing stocks (yes, we love puns). The picture above is the final flute and clarinet section selfie. I'm in the front holding a naked Prince Charming who is petting a potato in a Goerge Foreman grill. 

//eleven and a half// While slightly less creative, the low brass/winds selfie was just as cute and fun to take

Hopefully this gives a bit of insight into our lives. When we say that we're band geeks, we aren't joking (as you can now see). We love marching band, and while it's not the most glamorous thing in the world (in fact it's not glamorous at all), neither of us would trade it for the world.

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