Monday, August 11, 2014


{Tee: Loft, Shorts: Jcrew, Bag: Gifted (Old Navy), Earrings: Gifted (Kohl's)}

When I saw this tote at first on Old Navy, I nearly passed out. The size, the color, the tassels: could there be a more perfect bag for $40? I'm glad my parents picked up on my not-so-subtle hints and gave it to me for my birthday because I've already started to use it for everything from being a bible camp teacher to toting my crap necessities to drivers ed. Can we also talk about these earrings? These were also gifts, but Anastasia gave them to me. They aren't something that I would pick out myself simply because they seem understated and I'm generally more of a post earring kinda gal, but I ended up loving them! Note to self: invest in more dangle-y earrings...

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