Thursday, August 21, 2014


If any you have ever seen our philosophy page, you'll see that one of my style mottos is "Quality over Quantity". Maybe it's because I'm watching Project Runway and seeing a huge spectrum of craftsmanship, but I'm rethinking my closet in terms of quality. When I was in middle school, my weight and body shape fluctuated so drastically that I have pieces that are 2 sizes above what I wear in my closet. Whenever I went shopping, my mom would panic about me not be able to wear the piece in the future so she would make me buy it a size up (even if I was paying for it). Now that my body has more or less evened out, I'm starting to be able to start collecting more pieces that fit me well, but I still have so much that I need to weed out. Little to none of my jeans fit correctly, my denim jacket is too big, and I still have pieces from Abercrombie & Fitch that don't match my personal style at all. I'm starting to realize what I truly like and how to find quality yet affordable pieces. 

Shop some of my favorite affordable and not-so-affordable pieces 

What's your style mantra?

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