Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School Checklist

What I'm looking forward to adding to my wardrobe just in time for the school year:

//For the Top Half//
Silk Cami: Wear it with skirts, pants, under a blazer, under a cardigan. This blouse is the perfect year-round wardrobe addition
Denim Jacket: Mine is a bit on the baggy side, so finding a sturdy new denim jacket to go with, oh, just about everything is in order

New Skinny Jeans: Mine are a size too large and never keep their shape. I need a pair to last through the  school day
Boyfriend Jeans: Slouchy perfection
White Jeans: I'm warming up to the whole white-jeans-year-round trend...labor day rule be darned
Trousers: This is more of a autumn wardrobe prep: not completely necessary but oh-so chic

Leopard Flats: Leopard is the new black. Plus, I adore the pointy toe and d'orsay details
Red Flats: simple, solid, can go with whatever I need it to
Tan Flats: ditto
White Sneakers: While breaking the labor day rule on pants, I'm not so sure I could do the same with shoes. However, these sneakers would last me a good 3 days before they go into storage
Sneakers: I love the sporty chic look and these sneakers are too cute to pass up


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