Thursday, July 3, 2014

Oh Canada (Part I)

If you follow TPF on Instagram or Twitter, you know that I left the USA for the first time this past weekend. 
It was only a border hop into Canada, but it was a big deal for me nonetheless. 
The main goal of this mini-vacation was to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York (somewhere my sports-obsessed Dad has been trying to visit his entire life). We left our house Friday night after my mom got home from work and made it up to our hotel right outside of Cooperstown by about Midnight. The next morning, we took a scenic drive to the sleepy downtown area of Cooperstown where we ate a yummy breakfast at a quaint cafe and then worked our way through the Hall of Fame and the museum attached. 

{My Dad and I observing and appreciating the exhibit on Baltimore's 5 Hall-of-Famers #oriolespride}

{The Historic charm and mountainous backdrop made for the perfect atmosphere}

{After a quick stroll through a park, we found that the town sits in front of a lake making for the most gorgeous views}

 Next, we hopped in the car for a few hours until we crossed the border into Canada to visit Niagara Falls. While the cultural differences between America and Canada are little to none, it still felt weird to know that I wasn't on American soil. The accents are pretty great too...

{A huge thunderstorm rolled in around 9 am and the duality my mom captured in this picture is amazing}

{After watching The Grand Budapest Hotel, seeing this was awesome. We even took a ride in one!}

{Our first view of the Canadian Horseshoe}

{See that boat down there? It goes right in the middle of the horseshoe and the mist blasts you like a shower head. So cool!}


On the way back home, we stopped at the American side of Niagara and got to see everything at a totally different angle which was lovely.
Stay tuned for the remainder of my Canadian adventure which will pick up when we arrived in Toronto.
When did you leave your home country for the first time and where did you go?

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