Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Make a wish
Today marks the second anniversary of this blog. 
On one hand, I feel like asking "has it really only been two years?". On the other hand, I look back to July of 2012 and realize how far we've come. I started this website on a whim before ninth grade. This was after the release of a virtual magazine. Before I knew Anastasia, before I even knew what Lilly Pultizer or Longchamp or Jack Rogers were, before I even knew how to blog, Twirl existed.
We've continued to grow and change over the past two years into the blog we are today. I now know how to blog and what a blog actually is. What having a blog means, how to manage a website, how to design a website (a little), how to work and collaborate with business partners (more or less), and I think one of the biggest take-aways for me so far has been my personal growth. I've learned what I like and dislike as well as how to write in a way that other people can hopefully relate to. I've also come to realize, through reading other style blogs, that my life doesn't hold nearly as much glamour or style or girly frivolous-ness that people look for and adore. I'm 15, I make less than minimum wage from my parents, I've never driven a car in my life, and my parents see clothing as very low on their priority list. If I want something extravagant, I have to pay for it myself. Through this experience, I've not only become a super-shopper, but realized where I am in my life and what I want it to be like. Much like my parents, I've come to value food and experiences above clothing and as much as I want it to, my life will never be like Blair Eadie's or Carly's or any famous blogger's. I am content with my life as it is: I have a house and a loving family and good grades and get to have some awesome experiences. So to wrap up my long-winded philosophical self-analysis, I would like to thank my past self for creating this wonderful medium that forces me to be creative and always creates a topic of conversation between my friends and I as well as those who stop and take precious time out of their lives to look at my blog. This blog has become a big part of my life and I'm glad.
 In accordance with growing and expanding and changing, our blog is about to make yet another drastic change. As you know, TPF is supposed to include three girls who blog, but recently, Marin made the choice to stop calling herself a part of the team because she doesn't post. She wants to guest post occasionally, but doesn't want to hinder us by being a permanent installment. As the team goes from three to two, our name becomes obsolete. Why would we call the blog three little girls if there is only two of us? After thinking it over carefully and weighing the fact that we really JUST changed our name, we decided that we'd have to change it again. Trois Petites Filles is about to become Freckles and Olives which represents both Anastasia and I. I'm the pale freckle-face who's 100% American and Anastasia is the tan, olive-skinned Greek who's very European in Lifestyle. I know for a lot of our readers that this is probably obnoxious, but I hope you can bear with us as we make yet another huge change that will better our blog in the long run. While it may seem like we're shrinking, TPF (soon to be F&O) is about to become better than ever so stay tuned.
Calligraphy Thank You Rubber Stamp by AllieRuth on Etsy, $24.00
to everyone. for your loyalty and for bearing with us hopefully yet again.


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