Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Hundred and One

Here my 101 things I want to get done this year!
  1. Appreciate what I have
  2. Relax a little
  3. Get straight As (eep!)
  4. Write on the blogl more
  5. Only have one grunge day a week
  6. Get a good pair of boots
  7. Finish Crime and Punishment (sure)
  8. Read more
  9. Organize stuff on my computer
  10. Take more dance classes
  11. Run 4x a week
  12. update my ipod songs
  13. learn to play piano
  14. stop carrying so much stuff to and around school
  15. Schedule more free time for myself 
  16. go back to sleep when I'm waken up
  17. visit the place I was named after (Marin county, California)
  18. Buy more lotion
  19. Do one sport
  20. Be in a play
  21. Speak a language fluently (ish...)
  22. Watch all 3 seasons of sherlock
  23. finish my profile on the about page
  24. Watch pretty little liars
  25. organize my trundle
  26. organize my summer/winter/fall/spring clothes
  27. wear more jewelry
  28. learn how to paint nails better
  29. learn how to write with my left hand
  30. wear more scarves
  31. become a better speller
  32. and increase my vocab
  33. visit a foreign country
  34. eat more chocolate (ohh yeah)
  35. learn how to bake things besides pecan sandies
  36. draw more
  37. take an art class
  38. have better pencils
  39. skype people 
  40. respond to most texts
  41. learn how to filter college emails
  42. get a good purse
  43. find a good perfume
  44. drink more tea
  45. get cute pajamas
  46. organize my closet by colors
  47. get a new dress (lbd?)
  48. finish the fault in our stars
  49. watch the divergent movie/TFIOS movie
  50. learn more hebrew
  51. look at the stars more
  52. watch crash course psychology
  53. organize my email
  54. keep track of all of my stuff
  55. wear socks correctly
  56. wear matching socks
  57. become n'siah by senior year
  58. go to a convention
  59. watch a TED talk live
  60. watch SNL live
  61. meet Seth Meyers and/or Jimmy Fallon
  62. Get another charm for my necklace
  63. Finish this list
  64. stop letting my dog eat everything
  65. stop loosing earbuds
  66. learn how to call things by the proper name aka ponytails are not hair ties
  67. teach my dog how to walk up the steps
  68. get a different hair cut
  69. where my hair down more often
  70. learn how to straighten my hair 
  71. post more on instagram
  72. read a biography about some famous person
  73. listen to more Adele songs
  74. get a better ringtone
  75. watch more movies
  76. sneak in Hannah's movie theater! (kidding :))
  77. get a better camera
  78. take more pictures
  79. get into NHS
  80. get a better case for my phone
  81. stop dropping things
  82. watch a live football game
  83. Play in another parade
  84. do something that scares me
  85. volunteer more
  86. find something I'm passionate about
  87. Apply to Tufts!
  88. be a better sister/daughter
  89. be active in more clubs
  90. start my own club
  91. see NEWSIES on broadway
  92. Seize the day (see above:))
  93. Do more arts and crafts
  94. keep in touch with people
  95. learn how to snowboard 
  96. Watch a super funny movie with super people
  97. see a concert
  98. Cry less, laugh more
  99. open my window in the spring
  100. take pictures of snowflakes up close
  101. appreciate beautiful sunny days
Here's to a great year and a great new blog :)



  1. I think next step should be getting cute pjs!

    1. Agreed. I'm eyeing up a pair from jcrew right now ;)

  2. What a great list. I wish you all the best in achieving everything on it!


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