Saturday, February 8, 2014

En Français


So those of you who actually pay attention to this blog and its activity may have noticed that there's been a few changes.
Ya the whole name has changed?
Call us crazy for changing everything up this late in the game (changing all the usernames and making new accounts was a huge pain in the neck), but we had recently come to the realization that twirl had no meaning to us. Presenting one's "brand" so to speak with a name that has almost nothing to do with oneself is a bit odd so we started brainstorming.
A few arguments, some tension, and an oodles of creativity later, we came up with the idea to translate what the main focus of the blog was into french. Each one of us has taken french at some point (even though Marin and I ditched it for Latin #noregrets) which is meaningful to us and then it literally means 3 little girls.
I know I'm a kid at heart still so it obviously applies to me, but what we were going for was the idea that compared to the millions of  humans blogging out there, we are mere children. We are learning slowly but surely how to present our blogs and our styles and taking it one step at a time. This name change is a perfect example of how we learned how to be better bloggers: We realized a mistake we had made and changed it. That's one step closer to success for us! Yay TPF!
However, the main reason for this post is to warn current readers of one of the last big shifts to becoming TPF: the domain. Right now, it's
I will be changing it to as well as our new email which is
Thanks for cooperation!
Hannah, Marin, Anastasia
aka The 3 little girls


  1. Ah Paris Mon Amour, 5 years of French - certainly a love hate relationship. Love the change, I just love watching you guys just get better and better, I have so much to learn from you three!
    With Love, Madylin @

    1. Agreed: French is a beautiful language but our middle school teacher was less than satisfactory and Latin has been ah-mazing!
      I'm really glad you like it: making such a big change can make one question and doubt oneself but I think we did the right thing in changing and thank you! As bloggers, we are always learning and growing and changing and I'm glad we are helping you with that as we are barely learning ourselves.


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