Monday, September 30, 2013

Backing Off

Let's have a heart to heart...
I love this blog. I love blogging. But after reading this post, I've had a bit of an epiphany about how I personally blog. I realized how much I've been over thinking it and putting too much pressure on myself to have a perfect and popular blog. As nice as that would be, there is a high chance that it won't happen anytime soon. There are millions, maybe billions, of talented people blogging about fashion, food, lifestyle, family, photography, etc. as a living whereas I'm just a teenager who started this blog on  whim. I'm a child in a world of professional adults. When i first started twirl, i was about to go into high school and my friends and I put more effort into my outfits than any of my peers (and still do most of the time) so i thought pretty highly of my style. Looking back a year later, i have thoughts such as "What was i thinking" and "how did anybody think i had style". Since the summer between 8th and 9th grade, i have matured a lot. I see the difference between myself last year and this year and have a greater understanding of what looks good on me. Even with all of these improvements, there is still so much for me to learn. This blog may never have more than 17 followers or ever have more than 40 views per post, but it was a catalyst for my style evolution and continues to push me in my creativity every day. 
As much as i love having something like this blog, i have other obligations  I still am in high school and focusing on that is key. I have my whole life ahead of me and i need to prepare for it. i also have an obligation to my family to spend time with them. i can't live on the internet and that's what i feel like I've been doing for a while now. I don't want to end twirl by any means, but i think my posting frequency is going to decrease a bit this fall and winter. 
I'm aware that twirl has had multiple rebirths where I make resolutions and end up either abandoning them or changing them altogether, but blogging is a learning process and I have learned that a blogger never stops improving. I want to continue to improve twirl in a way that makes it reader friendly as well as flexible to my personal life and schedule. 

Along with the idea of improving, I have always wanted to try a blog swap. If you do not know what that is, it is where 2 bloggers post on each other's blog. I would like to try that sometime so if someone has any interest in participating in said post with me, please let me know so we can get in touch and organize accordingly. 
Also, one last note, for any of you reading this post, i want to let you know a bit about the twirl team, namely myself. My name is not Birdy. For privacy reasons, i'm not going to reveal my real name, but letting my loyal followers (if i have any) read my blog under the impression the Birdy is my real name is weird to me. So there you go: the big reveal that was a year in the making.
Thank you (to anyone reading) for making the time I've spent so far on the blogosphere all worth my while. I hope for many more years of successful blogging. Many thanks for reading and understanding.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome Fall

I just decided that my favorite season is fall.
In honor of yesterday [aka the first day of fall], i have found a few pictures that embody everything i love about fall:

Get excited, i know i am!

Picture Credit:

And remember that if you have any trouble seeing the pictures, just click on the picture and it should enlarge. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Splurge or Save: Combat Boots

This post is similar to the one Birdy did, but for a type of Shoe thats more..."me". Shoes can be VERY pricy but why pay for a label that has a fancy name on it if you can get the same style and quality for less? You like that brand name though, huh? It's ok, we all do. So maybe you splurge and get that fancy label or you could save and treat yourself to maybe another pair of shoes. Decisions, decisions.

Personally, I think $120 for shoes is excessive and I am probably going to grow out of them anyways. The max I spend on shoes is $80 generally, but I wear them to death so when i splurge like that, it's worth it.
Although I love the look of Docs, I prefer less expensive boots (the other boots look almost the same). If you think Doc Martens are affordable for you or worth $120, go for it! My plan is to ask for a pair for my birthday. Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Having a Moment with...

As i slowly build my accessory collection, there seems to be more and more variety. I have collected some fabulously unique pieces that are not only exotic and beautiful, but handcrafted as well. I have been noticing, lately, that many for these pretty pieces are actually not made in the USA. They're from around the world and made their way to me via gifts from my friends (thanks to all of the lovely ladies who thought of me when they traveled abroad). Sometimes, fitting these semi-edgy pieces (like the Indian necklace) into my preppy wardrobe is a challenge, but they end up being a great addition to my repertoire of accessories. I am really having a moment with these international accessories!

From an Indian Market

Grecian hand-painted disk earrings from Amour

Venetian glass earrings from some awesome neighbors

Hawaiian necklace from my mom

Indian Necklace

Cambodian Scarf

Indian Bag

As you can see, each piece can add a lot of personality and individuality to an outfit which is why I'm having such an obsession with them. Because these pieces are one of a kind, you can't get the exact copies of any of these, but I do suggest looking in various markets when you travel if you want to start your own collection. 
Good luck and happy hunting! 

P.s, This is twirl's 200th post! i am so thankful to have evolved in both my blogging ability and knowledge as well as my style and taste level. Twirl has definitely been a catalyst for that so thanks to those who read, comment, follow, etc for keeping this team motivated to keep posting and never stop improving!

P.p.s, my heart goes out to all of those affected by what happened yesterday. It is truly a tragedy and shouldn't have happened to so many undeserving men and women. It did happen though and instead of trying to forget, let's remember and try to prevent a repeat of history. that is what yesterday is for: remembrance. Have a safe and happy week

Friday, September 6, 2013

Prepping for Fall

I love every season for different reasons and by the time one season ends, i'm ready for the next one. I'm not completely ready for fall yet, but i'm getting ready for it.
My wardrobe will probably never be complete in my eyes, so to keep myself organized, i generally make lists of what i want need and this list is no exception. All of these staples are perfect for the chilly weather that is coming our way. Which ones do you have yet to buy? Mine are in red. enjoy!

-Boatneck Tee
{Land's End $34}
-Button-Down with a cute print (this one has foxes and dots on it)
{Gap $38.46}
-Colored Jeans (rusty red is always a good choice)
{Land's End $24.99}
{Land's End $49}
-A Wool Pencil Skirt
{J.Crew $130}

-Denim Jacket
{American Eagle $49.95}
-Wool Blazer
{J.Crew $880}
-Trench Coat
{Calvin Klein $148}

{ASOS $37.13}
-Sweater Tights
{Ruche $15.99}
-Signet Ring (can also be engraved...engraving price is included)
{Overstock $58.99}

{Etienne Aigner $140}
-Cap-Toe Flats
{DSW $34.95}

As you can see, i've still got a few items to go until my fall wardrobe is completely ready, but i'm pretty proud that most of those items are currently hanging in my closet. Are you ready for fall?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Currently Obssessed With: #beloved

you're probably confused by my post title: #beloved. 
#belovedshirts ( or beloved shirts, is a company that makes these super rad sweatshirts, one-z's (otherwise know as "belovesies"), shirts, and more. Some of their designs can come across as outrageous but I think they're super fun because they're so bold. I really want one of their sweatshirts for my birthday that's coming in the fall.
I am in love with the idea of sweatshirts. The convenience of just throwing it on and knowing you look super awesome (and not to mention comfy) is great for me. Awesome design + super comfy = perfection.
Below are some of my favorite designs, but there are more on the web page. 


Some of you guys with a not-as-edgy-style may not think much of these garments, but you know, even if you don't like these designs, they may look great on someone else who is more edgy or has more of a hipster-esque style (like me). If you don't see yourself in this type of thing, which I understand, picture it on someone else before you decide it's completely appalling. I really like these a lot and even though it may be a stretch for some of you with a more girly or preppy style (like Birdy and Sky), i thought i should still show the edgy girl some options. We  should all stay open minded and respect each others styles, right? I know I try to! 
Thanks for reading