Monday, September 16, 2013

Splurge or Save: Combat Boots

This post is similar to the one Birdy did, but for a type of Shoe thats more..."me". Shoes can be VERY pricy but why pay for a label that has a fancy name on it if you can get the same style and quality for less? You like that brand name though, huh? It's ok, we all do. So maybe you splurge and get that fancy label or you could save and treat yourself to maybe another pair of shoes. Decisions, decisions.

Personally, I think $120 for shoes is excessive and I am probably going to grow out of them anyways. The max I spend on shoes is $80 generally, but I wear them to death so when i splurge like that, it's worth it.
Although I love the look of Docs, I prefer less expensive boots (the other boots look almost the same). If you think Doc Martens are affordable for you or worth $120, go for it! My plan is to ask for a pair for my birthday. Fingers crossed!


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  4. Definitely save, they look identical!

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