Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Currently Obssessed With: #beloved

you're probably confused by my post title: #beloved. 
#belovedshirts ( or beloved shirts, is a company that makes these super rad sweatshirts, one-z's (otherwise know as "belovesies"), shirts, and more. Some of their designs can come across as outrageous but I think they're super fun because they're so bold. I really want one of their sweatshirts for my birthday that's coming in the fall.
I am in love with the idea of sweatshirts. The convenience of just throwing it on and knowing you look super awesome (and not to mention comfy) is great for me. Awesome design + super comfy = perfection.
Below are some of my favorite designs, but there are more on the web page. 


Some of you guys with a not-as-edgy-style may not think much of these garments, but you know, even if you don't like these designs, they may look great on someone else who is more edgy or has more of a hipster-esque style (like me). If you don't see yourself in this type of thing, which I understand, picture it on someone else before you decide it's completely appalling. I really like these a lot and even though it may be a stretch for some of you with a more girly or preppy style (like Birdy and Sky), i thought i should still show the edgy girl some options. We  should all stay open minded and respect each others styles, right? I know I try to! 
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