Friday, August 30, 2013

In the Bag

I have always had trouble finding a bag that i can use for anything. I'm a teen so the opportunity for using bags is somewhat sporadic, but I've noticed the absence of a useful handbag recently more than ever. Looking online for the perfect bag has not been easy either. I have this idea of the perfect bag, but when i find the style i want, the size of the bag is off.
When stumbling on this blog, i also stumbled onto this cute little shop. Pricey? Yes. Adorable bags? Oh yes.
The Cape Codder bag is definitely a bag that i wouldn't mind having. It's a bit above my price range [$148], but a girl can dream, right?
Here are my favorite prints:

Happy Labor day everyone! Enjoy the extra day off

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Splurge or Save: Riding Boots

I often find it difficult to find pieces that have the same quality and feel as designer pieces. Designer clothing is generally out of my budget, but other options may not be as appealing to me. 
For a while [aka my middle school days], i figured ugg boots were an acceptable substitution for riding boots [just like i thought that using ribbons as belts was crafty and really made me look like a martha-stewart-in-training]. Thankfully, i have had a change of heart. 
The only problem is that boots are generally a more expensive addition to one's closet. After browsing through the designer sites, i figured a pair like those tory burch beauties up there would do the trick. Then i saw the price...that wasn't going to do the trick. 
After a little more searching i found those Etienne Aigner boots at DSW for a much more reasonable price [especially as a birthday gift] and it had a logo on the side like the tory boots. Just as preppy, but for much less. I just thought i'd show anyone reading that you can always buy the designer boots if you can afford them, or you can save and buy a similar pair along with, say, another set of shoes. I personally am all for saving and getting more bang for your buck. My philosophy is that there is a similar, much more budget-friendly pair just waiting to be found, bought, and complimented on. Have you ever gotten a look for less?

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day

After much deliberation and many trial-and-error combinations, I present to you my first-day-of-school outfit!

I love the eyelashes on the bottom!!

{Dress: Forever 21, Necklace: Pink Pineapple, Belt: L.l bean, Boots: old}

Yes, it's true, school has once again resumed. Although students, including myself, have a generally pessimistic attitude about school (namely homework), there seems to be something special about the first day. New supplies, new clothes, new year. You see people you may not have seen in months in addition to the new teachers you'll be spending an hour a day with. Making first impressions is important! Strutting confidently inside looking tan (ish - as tan as my pale skin will allow), rested, and composed in addition to a fabulous outfit is the expectation and I plan to live up to it. 
Don't get me wrong, I love summer and will miss it dearly (those months between December and March leave me desperate for the beach), but I love the changing of the leaves and the switch from blazingly hot and humid to mild and even a bit chilly sometimes. Sweaters emerge (not to mention new riding boots) as well as tights. There are bright sides to every season and by the end of one, I'm beyond ready for the next. 
Here's to a fabulous fall and many more successful first days. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back to School Supplies

It's that time of year again: school. I, personally, have made a few resolutions to do the best that I possibly can in regards to grades, extracurricular activities, and being me. It sounds pretty corny, but i do believe that this is going to be a good year.
In the meantime, the season for school shopping is HERE! I'm not sure why but back to school shopping is really fun for me. I get to start fresh with a bunch of new school supplies and who doesn't love that? I've been looking around and I found some really amazing back to school supplies. It's time to go back to school with the best and cutest supplies along with a pricetag you will love!

Cosmetic Bag, Makeup Bag, Cosmetic Pouch, Makeup Bag, Gadget Pouch, Purse Organizer, Organizer
Pencil Pouch- $12 Etsy

Notebook- $5.49 Five Star

10 pack of Pencils- $14 Vera Bradley Pencil Box

2014 Lilly Pulitzer Monthly Planner - Tusk in Sun
Monthly Planner- $18 Lilly Pulitzer

Mac Computer Sleeve- $15.99 Kinmac

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Trouble in Paradise

Some of my New fall wardrobe
Kate Spade Store
Loving the sketches done by Inslee. They describe my beach experience exactly!

These pictures are my vacation via pictures. We have today and tomorrow to enjoy the beach and then we must once again leave this place with one thing to (not) look forward to: school on Monday. Today I will be exploring some shops a local advised us to check out including a Lilly Pulitzer store with ah-mazing sales. They are rumored to have $130 sweaters for a meager $20. Those are the kind of sales that one simply cannot miss! Enjoy the photo account of my lovely holiday down south. 


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Summer by Ancient Ruins

 I took this picture during my vacation in Europe. It's an ancient castle and what's very interesting and clever is that the people that built this also built other castles, like this one, in certain areas around the island, but not without reason-- All the castles were built to be within view of each other, so in the case of an attack on one of the castles, they would be able to signal the others. This way there would be time for preparations to be ready for battle. A great strategy back in ancient/ medieval times and a beautiful, picturesque scene today.    

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Stripes

Tee: Ralph Lauren, Shorts: The Limited, Flats: H&M, Necklace: Homemade
My family and I travel mainly once a year and since I've been born, we generally drive to Myrtle Beach. Recently, my dad found a town that was a few miles south of Myrtle Beach [meaning it still had warm air and warm water], but it was far less commercialized. We try migrate there as much as possible [spring break, summer break, etc...] ever since. This is one of those migrations. Beach, sun, and surf meets shopping, mini golf, amazing food, and even better southern hospitality. I love the south and I think my alter ego is a southern belle which makes me feel right at home. I get to use "y'all" without ridicule and eat all the grits I want. The beach seems to trump all [when does it not?]. The weather has been fabulous and although it's hot and tropical, the ocean breeze cools you down. The waves are perfect for boogie boarding and the sand is pristine and white. Who could ask for more on a vacation? Obviously someone has because there is not only a beach, two sets of outlets to do my back to school shopping, a lovely plantation-turned-garden, and my favorite city of all time [Charleston].
Any time we venture beyond the beach, I seem to be reaching for outfits like this one that have a subliminally nautical theme. I also like to feel very comfortable and simple on vacation so a tee shirt and shorts with minimal accessories is more or less my uniform. Feeling comfortable and easy-breezy while still looking polished is the goal and this outfit achieves it. 
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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Best of the Best

It's the most dreaded yet excited day of the year-first day of school... Here are some of the outfits that I've been thinking about so far and I'll tell you the outfits I think can make the first day back not so stressful.

Its been a surprisingly cold summer so it could be okay to wear a cardigan (fingers crossed!) I love this dress so so so much and its gorgeous. Looking nice on the first day is a must for me (I mean its the first time you've seen these people in a few months). Even though the arms are covered up, its on the shorter side so its a perfect balance of revealing. 

This dress is just happy and colorful. On the first day, I kind of want to feel like summer is still here, and this dress feels like it could be worn on vacation or at the beach and conjures up those summer vacation palm trees.

This outfit also creates that beachy feel and is relaxing to look at -it reminds me of waves and sand. This is the most casual of all the outfits, but with the fashion statement necklace it looks more dressed up. Plus both the shorts and shirt are super comfortable so when I'm running from the third floor to to the first, it won't be too bad.



Friday, August 9, 2013

Life Lately

Summer is almost over for me [t minus 2 weeks] and that, as depressing as it is, will give way to fall: a season of pretty scenery, chillier air, and school [unfortunately]. These last 2 weeks are going to be filled with a lovely vacation for me and my ever-wonderful family which is the perfect way to end a summer, if you ask me. 
My suitcase: packed and ready to go
My travel Outfit
I hemmed these J.Crew seersucker pants into a more summery pair of shorts.

Another event that holds a special place in my heart recently was my past birthday! Nothing super special happened that day [i didn't win a million dollars or anything] and i actually spent the day in the rain at marching band camp, but i spent it with family and friends and that's what matters.

A Gift from my brother: Let's Go O's

A gift from Amour all the way from Greece [handcrafted too!]

A Gift from Sky

Can't wait to wear this with...everything

Forget Hershey's, these Grecian Chocolates take the cake

Can't wait to use this! 

Who wouldn't want a jar like this all the way from nyc?

We won the  first preseason game...

the infamous riding boots have arrived [!!!!!]
 You can imagine my excitement...
I may not be posting too much in the near future, so enjoy the rest of your summer vacation! I'll be enjoying mine.