Friday, August 9, 2013

Life Lately

Summer is almost over for me [t minus 2 weeks] and that, as depressing as it is, will give way to fall: a season of pretty scenery, chillier air, and school [unfortunately]. These last 2 weeks are going to be filled with a lovely vacation for me and my ever-wonderful family which is the perfect way to end a summer, if you ask me. 
My suitcase: packed and ready to go
My travel Outfit
I hemmed these J.Crew seersucker pants into a more summery pair of shorts.

Another event that holds a special place in my heart recently was my past birthday! Nothing super special happened that day [i didn't win a million dollars or anything] and i actually spent the day in the rain at marching band camp, but i spent it with family and friends and that's what matters.

A Gift from my brother: Let's Go O's

A gift from Amour all the way from Greece [handcrafted too!]

A Gift from Sky

Can't wait to wear this with...everything

Forget Hershey's, these Grecian Chocolates take the cake

Can't wait to use this! 

Who wouldn't want a jar like this all the way from nyc?

We won the  first preseason game...

the infamous riding boots have arrived [!!!!!]
 You can imagine my excitement...
I may not be posting too much in the near future, so enjoy the rest of your summer vacation! I'll be enjoying mine.

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