Saturday, August 10, 2013

Best of the Best

It's the most dreaded yet excited day of the year-first day of school... Here are some of the outfits that I've been thinking about so far and I'll tell you the outfits I think can make the first day back not so stressful.

Its been a surprisingly cold summer so it could be okay to wear a cardigan (fingers crossed!) I love this dress so so so much and its gorgeous. Looking nice on the first day is a must for me (I mean its the first time you've seen these people in a few months). Even though the arms are covered up, its on the shorter side so its a perfect balance of revealing. 

This dress is just happy and colorful. On the first day, I kind of want to feel like summer is still here, and this dress feels like it could be worn on vacation or at the beach and conjures up those summer vacation palm trees.

This outfit also creates that beachy feel and is relaxing to look at -it reminds me of waves and sand. This is the most casual of all the outfits, but with the fashion statement necklace it looks more dressed up. Plus both the shorts and shirt are super comfortable so when I'm running from the third floor to to the first, it won't be too bad.




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