Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Triumphant Return!

Greetings loyal followers, and welcome to the new and improved blog! As you may have noticed, it looks a little different around here. That is because we have revamped it for our (get ready for this:)  150th post and almost 1 year anniversary AND our 4000 view mark! Yes this is a fairly big deal for us who have watched this blog-ling grow from 0 to 8 followers. That's not very impressive but we're so thankful for every follower, comment, email, view, ect...
The Truth Is:
Blogging is such a wonderful experience. It is a creative outlet that lets you explore an meet some extremely talented people. All of us have our own style and know what looks good and what doesn't and we all 'dress for success' per se but blogging pushes you to take that extra step and dress just an iota more fancy or think for a few extra minutes on the day's outfit. Either way, it is a positive experience and getting feedback, followers, and more encourages us to keep going so thank you all, above all else.

Now because it's been a little bit since any of us have posted, we decided to wipe clean the slate and reintroduce/tell you a bit about each person in the team:

I'm one of those annoying overly-peppy morning people who stays like that all day and pretty much all night. I'm also one of those girly girls who loves pink and sparkly things. AND i'm one of those girls who doesn't mind going camping with the guys and getting completely filthy not to mention a million mosquito bits. Oh, and did i mention that i'm a total band geek? So yeah, my multiple personalities conflict but i'm a living, breathing human, i promise.
Anywho, from some of my posts, i can assume you've gathered basic details about me like my current favorite color (lilac), or my favorite sports teams (Ravens/Orioles), or maybe that i have a mini obsession with the 80's even if i wasn't alive then. A few other cool facts include that my favorite place in the world is South Carolina, specifically Charleston (i've never left the country though so that may eventually be proven wrong). I want to be a lawyer someday, have have 2 of the cutest labradoodles ever (Buster and Bear), i'm half Irish and half German,  and I swoon from happiness every time i the leaves on the trees re-emerge or the weather hits 60 degrees every day...meaning my favorite season is spring. I don't really have an income of money as i am a little young for a real job so that means i shop when i can which means i love an awesome bargain. My favorite designer(s) are kate spade, ralph lauren, lilly pullitzer, and j.crew. Describing my style presents a challenge: i am mostly feminine/preppy but i can totally be edgy or casual or country or anything you can name! So there you go with my indecisiveness again...*sigh*
So here's a few of my favorite outfits:
stripes+bright hunters+ trench 

This has to be the favorite among favorites...

Love the colors, pearls, and double prints


very preppy

so nautical

Maybe that cleared my style up? Probably not...
And i'm going to give credit where it's due: Top is Atlantic Pacific, middle picture is Always Maylee and the bottom few are Classy Girls Wear Pearls
everything is linked
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Glad to be back!


Hey guys! Remember me? Haven't logged on in a WHILE, but here I am again and now I’m ready to post!
Here are some updates on moi:
My biggest news is that I got the cutest puppy bulldog in the whole world: Watson! She has kept me busy but it is SO worth it!
Biology has occupied some of my cranium space too…it’s my favorite subject (kind of a surprise coming from a fashion girl, huh?) and I’m hoping to be a doctor one day! Just like Birdy, I am in LOVE with lilac, but I also am a fan of sky blue…hence the name?
Speaking of which, I got some super cute keds recently which are not only my style, but a super casual yet pretty option with jeans. They’re navy blue with a banner of zigzag or ikat print. Think offspring of vans and Sperry’s!

I want so badly to live in Boston: I love the weather (which is weird because it’s always gray but it doesn’t seem to matter!), the T and the food, and the fact that it’s a city lifestyle but not too overwhelmingly so…and it has soooo much history!
It’s also a city with a lot of water around it which allows for nautical dressing. Aka stripes aka my favorite print without competition. I AM OBSESSED WITH STRIPES! The rest of my closet is basically navy red and a load of neck-candy. I’d say my style is classic and casual: My everyday outfit is a cardigan over a tank top, jeans, cute flats, a necklace, and maybe a belt. Classic enough?
I mostly shop at J. Crew, Hollister (I’m short so the miniskirts more or less hit me mid-lower thigh), lucky brand (for jeans), forever 21, sometimes Delia’s, and sometimes the gap. However, if I had a credit card with no limit, I would shop at Kate Spade, Stella McCartney, and J. Crew (loyal customer right here!!). My fashion icon is the one and only Audrey Hepburn. She's an inspiring female role model as well as a fabulous movie star and fashion icon. So there you go! Unlike Birdy, my style is pretty straightforward! Now here are some of my favorite styles:
Love the pants

Just #1 pick

Cute Jacket


Love the matchiness as well as the skirt and necklace

Shorts and jacket are amazing
You Haven't gotten rid of me yet!

I've been on a post-lag too, but i'm so excited to be back and posting again!
so i have made a list actually of facts about me for you to keep it short and sweet...sort of like a Q&A
here you go:

1.Favorite color(s)?
      Neon Green and Purple
2. Favorite animal(s)?
     Dolphins and Pandas
3. Favorite food?
     I Love LOTS of foods
4. Favorite movie(s)?
     Life of Pi and Despicable Me
5. Favorite Song/ Artist- Muse?
     Madness and Depeche Mode- Soothe My Soul 
6. Best season?
7. Morning or night person?
     Nigh--I'm a party girl
8. Pets?
     I have 2 fishies - Salmon and Clark :D 
9. Favorite piece of clothing in my closet?
     this is a tough one but I LOVE my new maroon polka dot sleeveless dress with a sheer back... So light and summery!!
10. Girly Gil/Tomboy?
     I love being outdoors, but i'm not a tomboy...that being said, i'm not a super girly girl either. I'm in the area in between, leaning towards the girly side

My style: I can be very edgy in the winter but I love being more boho in the summer ... But I'm definitely not preppy- at i'm more or less the opposite of Sky and Birdy, but i love them all the same :)
I don't have a favorite designer: I love me a good pair of vans, but i generally buy what i want. However, i mainly shop at American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, Old Navy, Nordstrom's, and Garage.
Favorite looks:
I hope that cleared some stuff up about me in a very easy-to-read fashion
can't wait to start posting again!

Hope you enjoyed and apologies for all the writing...look out for more posts starting up again soon!
Everything is linked!!!


  1. I love this post! Everyone is dressed so well~

  2. Lovely inspiration girl, thanks for that!

    Would you wanna follow each other?

    Let me know!

    Love from Amsterdam!

  3. Happy 1 year blog anniversary!

    xo Jennifer

  4. I just found your blog and I love it!
    check my blog if you want too:)
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  5. Love your blog!

    Would you like to follow each other?

  6. Love this roundup of outfits! And Kendi definitely made me want those Hunter boots in coral :)

  7. Thanks for including me! Love the re-introductions. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. very inspiring blog! keep on posting! ♥

    Maybe we could follow each other? :D
    -> I already follow you! (name: "fille")
    Would be really glad, if you follow back ♥

    My fashion blog :)

  9. congrats on the new and improved blog! im loving it! im your new follower

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