Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Out of this World

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!
        First I want to apologize to all of our loyal followers for me not getting on and posting for awhile :( But I LOVE you guys for not leaving. Also, we hope you like the new template and revamp. We really thought it was about time to get the blog a little tender lover and care :)            All of us are SUPER excited to pick things up again (for real) and post our little hearts out.           We truly appreciate how awesome you guys are enthusiastic about very posts and that's what makes it all worth it!Also thanks for the comments, cheers, and even stumbling upon this blog.

      Anyway...... So I myself have been SUPER busy with my classes, keeping  my grades up      (4.0 unweighted GPA whoop whoop!!), and also maintaining an acceptable social life, and of course, SHOPPING!!! YAY!! I really love the new spring styles and patterns. Then again, I just love good weather... it puts everyone in a good mood... and a good shopping mood too :) One of my favorite new trends is the galaxy print clothing. The print is super pretty and yet brings some edge. But, the problem is that this style can turn trashy- easily. So, I'm going to show you guys some awesome, NOT -trashy, galaxy clothes. :

All About the Galaxy

 Of course, these pieces can't go together but they are soooo awesome!!!!!!!! I am a deep thinker so clothing like this make me ponder about the universe beyond... sorry I'm a qwerky person...But seriously these selections are sooooo cute. I found them from etsy, gypsy warrior, and tumblr but you can find your own galaxy print more personalized to what you like. I am obsessed with those sunglasses--- they are just amazing!

       To complete this look I would highly suggest a top/bottom that is one solid color....but if you want to take one less prominent color and have that as the other piece, that's super cool too! As always, these are just my suggestions so feel free to do what you want for this print! :) 

       Also, I wanted to share with you some other "Out of this World" things. I've been really LOVING music by Muse. I am a big music person and I feel that they're songs really go beyong just the lyrics. If you hear just ijne sing, there is so much filling your mind- the percussion, guitar, bass, electronic sounds, and the lyrics. The lyrics are beautiful and the verses capture so much meaning in such simply words. Also, Depeche Mode is SUPER cool! Birdy likes them too! They're elctro sound is so unique and interesting, it makes your eats eat up every song. Despite the fact that they're an 80's band, their music still is pretty modern. 

       Well, thanks for reading and I hope you like the new face of Twirl. Have an awesome week! Bye for now!


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