Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love is in the Air

Despite the fact that Valentine's day is more or less a minor holiday and it is a little less than 10 days away, i've decided to compile a gift guide for it. It is for gifting your loved ones or maybe yourself *wink*.
Here are some of my faves:
Macaroon Tins // Necklace// Bracelet // Red OPI // Pink OPI // Charm Bracelet // Pillow // Candle // Gloves // FACE Lipstick // Ring // Shoe Case // Paisley Case // Dot Case // Bow Bangle // Magenta OPI // Berry OPI // Cosmetic Case // Socks // Journal // Lotions and Potions Set // Bubble Bath // Kettle // Smaller Bubble Bath // Flower Pins // Scarf // Supercalafragalipstick 

Remember...Click to enlarge!!

Speaking of love...
The last time they won was 12 years ago and i was young enough that i don't even remember...
It honestly hasn't sunk in yet...I even dyes the ends of my hair purple and it hasn't sunk in yet...
it took a while, but we got there :) And yes, that IS a summer reading tee shirt you see!!
And i even went to the parade/open stadium event that took place today (i skipped school)
And THAT was a beautiful sight. The city of baltimore came together and celebrated for an afternoon. We didn't go to the parade, we went straight to the stadium and even so, we had to sit in the upper deck, but no one was pushing or shoving, everyone was polite and in a good mood. Plus Ray Lewis did the REAL last dance right before our eyes, lombardi trophy in hand. It was magical. Congrats to the ravens and thank you RAY LEWIS!!

And one last love it goes out to you guys that come back and read my posts every day or even occasionally, despite the sparatic quality of it. I love you guys and seeing those happy comments makes me smile. Thanks for getting us all the way to 3000 views. I know we're a newer blog and we have not a ton of readers or followers, but we thank you anyways, and if you have any advice, ideas for new posts, or even constructive critism, we'd be happy to hear it along with the happiness in the form of comments.

So my posting is most likely going to become a little less frequent, but i will try to post when i can, just a head's up.

Thanks again to everyone and happy valentine's day!!


  1. I love all those cute little valentine gifts!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Love all those little Valentine's gifts! So cute :)


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