Friday, September 28, 2012

Classy, Not Trashy

 (Dress: Nordstrom's, Tee: Kohl's, Heels: American Eagle, Belt: Vintage, Necklace: American Eagle)

 Happy Friday!!!
 So Sorry for not posting yesterday and late today. This is actually yesterday's outfit and let me explain why:
Homecoming season is upon us and our spirit week was THIS week. So we had our pep rally today (fun) and had to wear school colors...i am therefore unable to produce a lovely friday outfit for you. However, yesterday was a great one: Classy not Trashy day (fancy day)
So here was my dilemma: I dress fancy-ish every day!!! So what to do? Dress down a dress i wore to a wedding with casual heels, a black tee, and a cute braided belt. As you may notice, i was a good girl and made it fall-ish! Orange, dark red, black and tan are the perfect neutral pallette for a few spicy colors too. This dress served me fairly well, wouldn't you say? plus, it has the CUTEST peplum-y frilly detail on the waist...LOVE IT!!!
Ps, if you see some clothes on the floor, this is what most of my room has looked like for a bit...i've only cleared a teeny spot on the floor for this...smooth birdy...real smooth.

Anyways, Happy Weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What a Vegetable!!

popping corn. just twist off the kernels...from real corn!! Delicious!!






more spices

tomato sauce

the many veggies!!

the tomatoes are tiny

i just love these tomatoes!!! so cute and the color rocks!!

potatoes and sweet potatoes

me sitting in the truck (see the tiny tomatoes?)

the truck

some sort of celery...just tried it...SUPER YUMMY!!

real celery

vibrant green peppers

vibrant purple peppers

i believe these are beets...

love the color ;)

Kale and Chard...amazing! look how fresh and green!!

i'm not sure what this is either, but it's also super the color gradation!
So just like in my pigs post, i went to see my aunt who is also a farmer. She was doing a farmer's market and let us hang out for a bit and get some amazing organic veggies. We got probably one or more of each! You haven't tasted anything until you've tasted her tastes so good.
so these pictures are of that
It really is sad though because their farm uses this really cool plastic for irrigation that biodegrades! and the other plastic they were using was filling up 4 dumpsters! So when they switched to this, the law says that you have to remove the plastic monthly and this plastic dissolved within 2 weeks.
So unfortunately, their organic certification was revoked but they still use the same practices which means they are organic and local, but they just aren't legally referred to as organic.
So i love food and so going to a market like this is nice because you get good food, and honestly, it's pretty too!
Happy Yom Kippur!

P.S, like the new blog design? Tell us what you think!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


 2 days down, 2 to go!!
That's right! Thanks to our jewish friends, we have yet another 4 day week!! And even though it's just wednesday off, it gives me a nice break from early wake ups and homework. So our school had a pajama day which explains my outfit! I opted "yes" for not getting dressed in the morning today and wearing super adorable jammies. I got these as a gift one year and love the hearts!! I think they are SUPER cute and i wish you could feel the flannel because they are so comfy. just add a waffle shirt, some beat up slippers and maybe this:
bathrobe and you have as good as an outfit as your gonna get for pajama day ;)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Slouchy Knit

 (Sweater: H&M, Jeans: American Eagle, Boots: Vintage, Belt: Target, Jewelry: Forever 21)

 Happy Monday Everyone!!
I feel like I haven't posted in forever, and it was only a weekend!!
So today is a shock for me. It is currently 48 degrees and i am cold...freezing actually. So instead of wearing skirts and whatnot, i'm skipping ahead to my fall clothing...just for today. I wore a my style pro sweater which is amazing and perfectly slouchy and the knit (i don't know if you can see it) is this really cool kind of linked up knit. Very cool.
Then to add a bit of shape to the sweater, a belt that came with that dotted skirt you saw here and some adorable cream jewelry that was a gift for my birthday. Add some skinnies and boots that match my belt and my outfit is complete!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fashion Fun

Skye here! I was experimenting a bit today and I found this really cool site that shows you how to draw fashion sketches (
So I decided to test it out!
Its a bit hard to see but this is a slate grey dress with a blue accent in the middle and sky blue flats.

In honor of fall I did a little more fall-anized outfit with a maroon blazer sweater, slate grey jeans, and a mustard yellow scarf.

This one I didn't get to color in, but I really liked this top. Its a sweater with buttons and a plain cami underneath.

Here's the full outfit, the sweater with jeans a beanie hat.

A real fashion sketch:

Hope you enjoyed this and summon your inner fashion designers...
Happy fall!!