Monday, September 24, 2012

Slouchy Knit

 (Sweater: H&M, Jeans: American Eagle, Boots: Vintage, Belt: Target, Jewelry: Forever 21)

 Happy Monday Everyone!!
I feel like I haven't posted in forever, and it was only a weekend!!
So today is a shock for me. It is currently 48 degrees and i am cold...freezing actually. So instead of wearing skirts and whatnot, i'm skipping ahead to my fall clothing...just for today. I wore a my style pro sweater which is amazing and perfectly slouchy and the knit (i don't know if you can see it) is this really cool kind of linked up knit. Very cool.
Then to add a bit of shape to the sweater, a belt that came with that dotted skirt you saw here and some adorable cream jewelry that was a gift for my birthday. Add some skinnies and boots that match my belt and my outfit is complete!

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  1. The earrings are adorable!!!! :)


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