Friday, November 2, 2012

October, Amour, Shopping, and more!

So i know this is late, but i wanted to put the october collage up while i still can. I know it's november, but it think that its still early enough so here ya go!
 So believe it or not, i took the pictures of the pumpkins and apples, and corn, the wagon wheel, and the plastic pumpkin. You like???

So the actual fantastic news is that skhy and i have made a new friend and she is permanently blogging with us now!!
Her name is xXAmourXx, but i'm going to refer to her as Amour, and she is fabulous! she'll add a new flavor of style to the welcome her!!

I didn't wear purple today, but i have a raven's update: Although last week was our bye week, this week, we are playing the Cleavland,  Browns!!! Wish 'em luck...ray lewis is out, and terrell suggs is in so we will see...

AND i went shopping today and DIDN'T GET ANYTHING!!! What?
Everything was kind of overpriced for what it was and i wasn't impressed...i went with Amour, but she only got an adorable top from forever 21...i was really surprised, but it was fun to just go with her and have fun :)

so anyways, a book review and movie review to come!!!
and obviously, some more fashion
Happy Friday and i don't know about you, but i'll be enjoying a lovely 4-day weekend :)


  1. I love the pictures you took!!! And I like that you included Hurricane Sandy :)

    1. well it was one of the most "exciting" events of the fall!!!


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