Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What to Wear Number 1

There are so many situations, where you never know what to wear, so hopefully this guide will help.

This is perfect for a public outing when you know your going to run into someone you know, like a popular mall or restaurant. It keeps you cool, and is bright and summery. The pop of yellow gives you a sunshine glow, which I love too and goes nicely against the blue sweater.
Sweater and Cami, Old Navy, Skirt, DKNY

This outfit is a bit wintery but still has cute summer potential, all you have to do is loose the cardigan and add jean shorts. This is perfect for a casual, not to dressy, but summery hip look so a good time to wear this would be when you are out with friends or a day out with the family.

This is a country cute outfit (again you can replace the jeans with jean capris for a more summery day outfit) and is perfect for a cool Summer night out (not that we've had any cool summer nights yet) with friends or family, add some flip flops and your good to go!

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