Monday, July 16, 2012

The Desk Essentials

There are some things everyone should have, whether your a writer, artist or just a smart student having a good desk is the best!

A fabulous pencil holder, it doesn't need to be fancy, this bucket is perfect.

After cramming for a final (ugh to soon to be talking about school already!) nothing is more soothing but a nice candle that smells great.

A box filled with colored markers, pencils, journals, sketchbooks, and other things is great because you know exactly where everything is.

Here comes a heated debate. Pencil vs. Mechanical Pencil? If you want a great pencil, these are the best of the trade. Ticonderoga pencils are perfect! And the paper mate mechanical pencils are divine. So what are you waiting for!

Only the best for the best,


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