Monday, July 2, 2012

Style Around the World

Sky here! Even though summer can be brutally hot and filled with crazy weather, its an amazing opportunity to go somewhere new. And even if you can't, you can still feel like it! I love pulling an exotic, foreign twist on outfits, especially if they are actual items from that country! Unfortunately, I haven't been to Europe or Paris yet, but luckily I have some amazing friends, great knockoffs, and even some great foreign websites! (see bottom of page)

This Indian bag is actually from India, and can add an interesting spice to a plain outfit, such as jeans and white top.

 You've probably guessed, but these two items are from Paris! The Eiffel Tower is actually an earring, but with a few twist it turns into an elegant necklace. 

You can also rock the nautical look with blue and
white stripes. Even though this technically isn't foreign, its a classic in all nations.

Dress from Target

Some great foreign shopping websites (I'm warning you though, shipping is awful)

Soeur French Website for girls
Comptoir Des Cotonniers French Website for teens

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