Sunday, July 1, 2012

Floating Flowers

8 sheets of tissue paper per flower
thin wire
fishing line or clear wire

1) aline the sheets on top of one another
2) start folding accordion style in 1 1/2 inch folds (doesn't have to be exact, just guesstimate)
3) wrap the wire around the folded sheets and twist to finish
4) cut ends so that they are round, or so that they are pointy (i've also tried it where you don't cut at all and it looked fine so either way)
5)start separating the sheets of tissue paper (gently, they'll rip) so that they stand upright. Don't forget to get the bottom as well so you have the full flower
6) tie the clear wire around the middle and hang

These decorations are so whimsical and easy to make, I HAD to try them out. You can make them with any color, and even many different colors, and use them to decorate for a party, or even just in your room. Very cool and it takes around 5 minutes.

 (to see more on this craft, click here)

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