Thursday, February 26, 2015

Looks For Less: Ankle Boots

I honestly never thought that I could pull off ankle boots. I always imagined them as too edgy so in a way, the only thing preventing me from buying them was my own mental barrier. Once I found this pair at Old Navy, I realized there may be hope for me yet: classic booties exist! Rejoice, preppy friends! 
Of course, once I saw the ones at old navy, I realized how badly I needed them. I came up with outfits upon outfits that would only work with the perfect booties. And, to make it worse,  my riding boots are out of commission for now (long story). So it seemed like a miracle when I went to Forever 21 and found the PERFECT pair for me and only for $30...perfect for my nearly nonexistent budget. Honestly though, I've been wearing these bad boys nonstop and they're holding up beautifully (a rare for Forever 21). It makes me question why you would pay so much for something so similar...

Looks For Less
If you're as frugal as I am, I think your choice is clear.

P.S. Hang in there everyone! It's almost March which means it's almost spring!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Pretty Things

Five photos to inspire, brighten your day, or simply make you smile
       Maybe if we ignore the Monday, it'll go away...



Thursday, February 19, 2015

Office Spaces

I designed my bedroom in eighth grade. It went from white walls and toys galore, to pink/blue/red/orange and pieces of decor. One of my favorite transformations was my desk area where we took an old secretary-style desk and painted it white. Since the initial redesign, not much progress has been made. My desk is home to 90% of the office supplies y family owns and as a result, it looks messy and cluttered. Lately I've made the decision to start investing my limited funds into making my office space somewhere where I want to work rather than something that's just taking up space. 

Candle / Tackle Box / Textured Pillow / Pens / Pencil Cup / Magazine Box / Acrylic Tape Dispenser / Pencils / Calendar / Flamingo Tape DispenserChair / Printed Pillow / Books

Pretty pens, pillows, notebooks and stationary...what more could a girl want? My personal favorite is the tackle box from Kate Spade. How cute are those bow shaped paper clips?
What's your office or work space like?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Loving: Luxe and Caicos

Once upon a time, there was this thing called a beach and this beach was warm and covered in sunbathers and sand castle builders. Right now, we're dreaming about that beach because Baltimore is facing all time low temperatures (we're talking negative numbers) and is covered in a light layer of snow. 
Just like everyone else, we're more than ready for spring (more specifically, spring break) and we've put together a few vacation-ready outfits to get us in the mood (we can dream, right?).
Sweater// Shorts// Clutch// Sneakers// Sunnies// Scarf
(via Luxe and Caicos: it's not out yet but if you like it, it's coming out in there new Spring Collection!)


We can almost feel the spring-time with these outfits. They feature accessories from Luxe and Caicos: an online boutique that takes us back to warm weather and sunny days, even when it's exactly the opposite. Both of us are planning on scooping up the pink stone bracelet (only $10 - a great price for nearly broke teenagers) in anticipation of their spring collection. Check out Luxe and Caicos for more! We hope you're enjoying the weather wherever you live. We can't wait until we don't go to school looking like the Michelin Man since we're bundled up so much!

Hannah and Anastasia

Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekly Pros and Cons

It's Valentine's day!
It's President's Day weekend so we don't have school on Monday!
I'm in Rehobeth Beach to celebrate the stellar sales and go outlet shopping

It's freezing
The one and only day off of the third quarter has come and gone
I only had $80 to spend at the outlets (not that there was anything that majorly caught my eye to begin with)

What have you been up to this week?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day

Hello everyone! Happy Valentines Day! Even if you're single and alone tonight you still have every right to splurge on some chocolate and watch some chick-flicks in all their glory. But first: a history lesson. Let's set the mood... 

(Hannah made this)

The roots of  St. Valentine, a martyr, date back to the 5th Century Catholic Church, but there are origins dating back to the Roman celebration of  Lupercalia, a fertility festival (oh the irony...). Soon after the rise of Christianity the celebration was banned because it was a pagan practice. The Pope, in the Middle Ages, declared February the 14th Saint Valentine's Day but not until the 1400s did Valentines Day really become a day to celebrate love. The oldest know valentine was a poem by Charles, the Duke of Orleans, to his wife while he was imprisoned after a battle. Poems are quite romantic but since its a little late for that here are a few downloadable Valentines Day cards. 

Valentine's Day Card Love Card Printable Valentine Card Watercolor Card Funny Valentine - Instant Download Printable
Download here

I love you alphabet printable valentine card / poster instant download, alpahbet letters digital print, purple blue yellow, neutral nursery
Download here

Funny Anniversary Card Valentine Card I've Fallen For You and I Can't Get Up Meme Girlfriend Boyfriend Love
Available here

Funny Valentine's Day Card - Nicolas Cage Card - Funny Valentine - You've Caged My Heart - Valentine's Day Card - Nicolas Card - Nic Cage
Download here

Printable 5x7" Anniversary Card - You're my Adventure - Inspired by Carl and Ellie's House from the Disney Pixar movie UP - Valentine LOVE
Download here

Printable Valentines Day Card, I Whaley Love You, Anniversary Card, Love Letter, Valentine Card Printable - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
Download here

I hope you enjoyed your day no matter what you did or who you were with. My family and I made some tacos for dinner and ate some delicious cupcakes from the local store, and no fancy dinner could top that honestly. I'm looking forward to my day off on Monday, maybe you are too!
 Happy Valentines Day everyone!