Thursday, February 26, 2015

Looks For Less: Ankle Boots

I honestly never thought that I could pull off ankle boots. I always imagined them as too edgy so in a way, the only thing preventing me from buying them was my own mental barrier. Once I found this pair at Old Navy, I realized there may be hope for me yet: classic booties exist! Rejoice, preppy friends! 
Of course, once I saw the ones at old navy, I realized how badly I needed them. I came up with outfits upon outfits that would only work with the perfect booties. And, to make it worse,  my riding boots are out of commission for now (long story). So it seemed like a miracle when I went to Forever 21 and found the PERFECT pair for me and only for $30...perfect for my nearly nonexistent budget. Honestly though, I've been wearing these bad boys nonstop and they're holding up beautifully (a rare for Forever 21). It makes me question why you would pay so much for something so similar...

Looks For Less
If you're as frugal as I am, I think your choice is clear.

P.S. Hang in there everyone! It's almost March which means it's almost spring!


  1. I used to be pretty cheap, and I would buy a lot of shoes that were all cheap. But nowadays I've been trying to purchase quality over quanity. So my $200 boots will outlive all my $25 boots, which is okay with me.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. I absolutely agree. I love the idea of quality over quantity which is why I avoid Forever 21 nine times out of ten, but sometimes I have a hard time spending $200 on's probably because I'm sixteen. But mark my words, when I get e job, those $200 boots will be mine!


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