Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Exploratory Art

In which I share some stunning, imaginative, and innovative art of four artists from around the globe.

  One. Emi Haze, who lives in north-eastern Italy, is a digital artist who uses Photoshop to create her works. Haze likes to combine elements of the human form with different aspects of nature, juxtaposing our "essence as celestial bodies" with our ever-changing world.
Atom Heart Mother
Atom Heart Mother


Cosmogony Rorschach
Cosmogony Rorschach

Two. David McLeod, is an Australian digital and 3D artist who is currently living in New York City. McLeod experiments with CGI illustration, typography, and  lettering to create 3D objects, motions, textures, and letters. Also make sure you check out these mesmerizing videos of McLeod's 3D motion art.

 McLeod's "visual experiments" under Abstractions. 

Amfursands- That pun though

Material Objects 

Three & Four. People Too are a duo based in Russia that make art with paper. They chronicle their works here, which showcases their artistry and skill with paper. They're best know for bringing sheet music to life, depicting everyday activities like eating, dancing, working, and playing.

drawing art on sheet music bringing to life by people too 15 Using Art to Bring Sheet Music to Life

drawing art on sheet music bringing to life by people too 9 Using Art to Bring Sheet Music to Life
Just look at the hat on the 16th note- my band nerd heart is fluttering with joy.

   I hope you enjoyed exploring the diversity of each artist's work. Art is one of the few things that bring this world together, where we can all feel something universally, despite our differences, so I hope to share new artists as I continue to discover them. Are there any artists you think I should check out? 



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