Friday, July 10, 2015

Weekend Update

I'm not sure if you have heard of Beck or have listened to any of his music, but he's that guy that won the Grammy for best album of the year
Y'know, the guy that Kanye got mad at *shakes head, rolls eyes*
(he totally deserved to win, by the way. If you haven't listened to Morning Phase or any of his other stuff, it's amazing. Seriously.)
Beck released a single which is a sort of tease for another new album he's creating (he's on a roll!) by the name of Dreams
If the cover art isn't enticing enough, the song is much more modern. Beck seems to be moving away from the more mellow and relaxed sound of Sea Change and Morning Phase for his new album which, judging by this song, will be a lot more upbeat and easier to dance to at concerts.
Basically, I'm just hoping he'll tour again.
Listen to it here

Last week, my family hit the road to visit 5 schools down south: Virginia Tech, UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, University of South Carolina, and Vanderbilt.
Along the way, we planned to camp for 4 nights, tour the Hermitage (Andrew Jackson's home) and the Biltmore (the Vanderbilt estate), as well as go on a white water rafting trip down the Ocoee River in Tennessee.
It rained, like, 90% of the time.
We camped for 2 nights instead of 4 and had to miss the white water rafting, but it's ok because we explored Nashville (a city we had never been to before), had time to see the Hermitage, and had time to tour the Biltmore's extensive gardens (all of which we would've missed if we had gone camping).
Here are a few pictures from the highlights of the trip:
A popular restaurant in Nashville

Andrew Jackson's Grave

If you love neon signs as much as I do, I 100% suggest a trip to Nashville 

the Biltmore Estate via Instagram

an amazingly photogenic building in Asheville, North Carolina via Instagram

Old Navy is killin' it. Seriously, they've been doing such a good job for the past year...
Their summer line has been flawless, though. The shorts are super affordable and super cute!
Maxi Dress / Colorblocked Top / Pink Pants / Romper / Black Shorts / Olive Palm Shorts / Navy Floral Shorts / Sneakers / Denim Skirt / Crop Top

This 6 part miniseries fulfills both my love of history AND my love of quality television programming:
OOOOO Dramatic Side Glances!!
As lame as you may think this show looks, it's really good. At first it's a little slow, but I mean, come on, there wasn't that much to do in 1529.
The story picks up right when King Henry VIII decides he's done with Katherine of Aragon (his wife of 18 years), but has to find a way to get rid of her because in 1529, everyone was Catholic, and Divorce is kind of a no-no in that church.
Oh, the scandal!
It's super intricate, super well done, and super historically accurate. 

I couldn't help picking up a few items I've been stalking for a while, namely that polka dot head wrap
Here are some of my faves: 

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!


  1. I'll have to check Beck out! I love trying out new music.

    natalie @

  2. I agree, Old Navy have some really good stuff lately! And the miniseries looks really cool, I wanna check it out.

    Samantha Series

    1. Yes i got through 6 episodes in, like, 2's really good


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