Wednesday, June 24, 2015

101 in 1001 Update

It's hard to believe that I started this long-term to-do list (based on Mackenzie's) freshman year...boy does time fly.
A lot of these goals were made so that I would be accomplishing something during the time period I set, which ended up being the length of my high school career...sigh
Recently, I took another look at the list and was surprised to see how much I was able to cross off, but at the same time, I was reminded of what I had wanted to accomplish and was motivated to complete as much as I could.
I compiled 10
goals, completed or otherwise, to give you a little update on what's going on in my life.

# 5: Weed out my closet once a month
I have nowhere near the amount of clothes necessary it would take for me to actually get rid of a lot a clothes monthly. I'd have literally nothing to wear by the end of the year. However, because I'm noticing a major shift in my style and what I like, it's becoming necessary to get rid of the old to make room for the new and improved...natural selection of the wardrobe, if you will. So in short, I will be weeding out my closet in the near future in order to make room. To be completely honest, I never miss the stuff I get rid of anyways.

# 6: Visit the bso at least 5x a year 

So far this year, my family and I have gone to see the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra perform The Pines of Rome, The Rite of Spring, La Mer, and Candide (especially close to my heart considering the Wind Ensemble that Anastasia and I both participate in performed the overture for one of our concerts). Although that's only 4 visits, I definitely plan to go again before the end of 2015. Everything has been amazing and life enhancing in some way. I've really enjoyed exploring the world of classical music and hope to continue seeing beautiful pieces performed live. 

#34: Publish another issue of twirl (online magazine)

Anastasia and I tried this sometime last year but it's just so much editing and formatting work!! Maybe we can try to get it done as second semester seniors...

#44: Learn how to drive stick shift (or to drive in general) got my permit 7/7/14, took driver's ed 8/11-22/14

Mmk there's no way I'm learning how drive stick...I've learned on an automatic so far and neither of my parents know stick. Maybe once I get my license (hopefully beginning of next school year...August if I'm lucky), I'll try to learn...

#46: Hold monthly meetings about the blog

The only reason this doesn't happen is because we usually just communicate whenever we have an idea or something happens. However, we may start having to do this more often as we've applied and gotten into the Her Campus Blogger Network (as evidenced by the button now proudly displayed on our sidebar). Check it out!

#64: Try at least 10 new foods (or as many as possible) fried banana, prosciutto, peaches, lotus, eel, torte, pea soup, sushi, fried shrimp heads, spanish tapas, crepes, Indian food
via, via (Oh Ron...)

What I love about this goal is that I can remember when I tried each of these. The first seven I tried on our northern Niagara Falls/Toronto road trip last summer. The next three were in San Francisco (ohh man the fried shrimp heads were so gross...). It's weird how vividly I can remember it all but each food name triggers a specific (and happy) memory.

#65: Go to one of my friends' dance recitals

I always say I'll go to Anastiasia's Greek festival but this time I mean it. This year she came and saw me Irish dance at a Christmas festival and she's taught me how to do some simple Greek dances before but I want to see a performance and support my friend. 

#67: Go to Disney world again 3/27-3/31/14

Marching band is a fantastic thing. Going to Disney is like going on an amazing road trip with your closest pals, and this year, we'll be doing it as seniors. I thoroughly enjoyed my last visit and can't wait to return to the most magical place in the world for my final high school marching band performance. 

#73: See every James Bond movie 

I'm sooooo close! We binged on James Bond and saw Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace so all I have left to watch is Skyfall. This may not seem like a big deal but there are 23 Bond movies starting in the 1960s and ending in the present. Some of the older ones were a little rough, I doubt I could re-watch them, but we got through them and now we're able to enjoy and appreciate the newer ones. 

#77:  Participate in a school play/musical Carrie the Musical March 2015 (I was part of the tech crew)
The craziest part of this was that I joined tech crew about two weeks before the show meaning that I had to learn how to work everything in addition to learning what needed to happen when during the show in those two weeks. It was a success and after a lot of stress (and more Chipotle meals than I'd like to admit), the show was a smashing success and I cannot wait to participate in two mroe shows next year. 
Completed: 46 (only 55 things left to do!)
Time left: 379 days (1 year and 14 days)
Do any of you participate in 101 in 1001? If not, do you track long term goals?


  1. Great job crossing all those goals off, girl! I'm so jealous that you visited Disney. I'm in the process of creating my own list inspired by Mackenzie and that is on mine as well!!

    xoxo, Mindy

    1. Disney is definitely goal-worthy, I'm just lucky my Marching Band is able to go so often...
      Best of luck on your list!


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