Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekend Five

//1// Stromae

Album Racine carrée

I am a worldly person-- and my music taste reflects that. Scrolling through my iPod you'll find some Spanish, Greek, Korean, and other languages in my playlists. The popular French artist, Stromae, has internationally chart-topping songs including Papaoutai and Alors On Danse. I've listened to Stromae for a while and his music and flare has only sprouted since then. His songs Tous Les Memes (I couldn't find the little accent sorry!) and carmen (yes, it's lowercase) have been on repeat these past couple days. Stromae's lyrics and passion shine through his song, paired with profound videos, to tackle the best and worst human qualities. 

//2// Bar Luce

 It's perfection.

Too cute. 

Picture perfect.

Can't handle it.

No one could make a bathroom that looks this amazing. 

OH MAN guys Wes Anderson DESIGNED A CAFE in MILAN. I'm sorry for fangirling but this place is ALL that you would expect and more. Bar Luce is quirky, pastel, and right from your dreams. Anderson's unique style adds so much character the place. Please look at that sugar packet again. Excuse me while I pack my bags, I'm leaving for Milan. 

//3// Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine's new album How Big How Blue How Beautiful will be released Jun 1st and her fans cannot wait. But before the whole album is for sale a number of fantastic songs have already been released on her YouTube channel. Part 1 of the Odyssey is What Kind of Man and the second is St. Jude. A few other songs have also been released and are as powerful as the two above. Florence's voice is like liquid gold and hypnotizing to the listeners- it's simply amazing.


Hannah and I have put these shirt in a number of our posts simply because we cannot get enough. I mean who doesn't love a classical painting with some sassy commentary on it? These are really cool shirts for a good price so we might as well enjoy them. Throw of a pair of high waited shorts, a bracelet, and some sandals, and bam! all ready to go.

//5// Gemma Correll

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This Woman Fights Gender Stereotypes With Hilarious Cartoons

There isn't anything better than an artist fighting gender stereotypes with hilarious cartoons. Correll is also very understanding of people who can relate to animals and enjoy foods like pizza. The sassy writing, bright colors, and drawing style really add to the quality of the pictures. I thank you, Gemma Correll, for your awesome and relatable cartoons that I so deeply enjoy.

Have a fantastic Friday and wonderful weekend! 



  1. Stromae is actually Belgian, just letting you know because the people from France are always trying to use him for publicity for their country, while he's from Belgium and also speaks fluently Dutch :) loved your post!

    Nathalie | LIFES FILES

  2. Thanks for letting me know! I guess I just assumed since that's the language he sings in. I'll have to look more into is background.


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