Thursday, March 5, 2015



Too many hair-touching photos? Yea I thought so too...I'll work on it
Tee: Land's End, Pants: H&M, Bracelets: Kate Spade/Alex&Ani, Ring: Kate Spade, Shoes: Land's End, Headband: Target, Belt: H&M

Why I love stripes: It's the neutral of the pattern world. Stripes can be paired with nearly every solid color as well as nearly any other print. Especially if the stripes are black and white

Why I love pink: In the world of symbolism, it represents femininity, love, romance, and beauty. It's bright, it just so happens to be my favorite color, and it makes up 60% of my wardrobe. 

Why I love eyeliner: I can finally get the wings to match (let me know if you want a how-to!!). Also it makes my eyes look huge and much more blue than they really are!

Why I love this outfit: It was casual and easy to wear while making me look like I actually put effort into my appearance that morning. 


PS: Do any of you have any suggestions on taking pictures for outfit posts? It's chilly so I don't always want to go outside. When I do, I'm usually in my own backyard as I'm either at school or at home and the nearest attractive location is a good quarter of a mile away. In addition, my little brother who photographs for me only will help me out 20% of the time not to mention that my camera is ok, but far from professional. I need lighting, editing, and location suggestions! If you've got 'em, I wanna hear 'em!


  1. I'm OBSESSED with those pants, they're such a fun pop of color!!

    XO Courtney

    1. I totally agree...who could resist pink?!


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