Monday, March 9, 2015

1001 in 101 Update

Since going back and crossing so many things off this list I've realized how much I actually get done. Most of the time I feel unproductive and almost stuck. It's sort of inspiring to know that I've actually done stuff with my life. Honestly, this list has truly helped me to accomplish certain things that I wouldn't have done before. There is still a lot to get done in the upcoming months that I'm really excited for. There's still so much for me to improve upon and experience but I hope the year ahead will allow me to cross even more off this list and take part in more unplanned surprises!

Anastasia's 101 goals in 1001 days

Start: January 27, 2014
End: October 24, 2016

1. Start this list
2. Become the flute section leader in marching band
3. Get a 1 for solo ensemble (getting evaluated on your instrument playing, 1 is the best grade)
4. Go to Disney world again and take a million pictures
5. Refine my style (same as Hannah, I know)
6.Refine my clothes in general
7. Visit my god mother in Brooklyn 
8. Go to Carlo's Bakery in New Jersey
9. Have a huge birthday party with everyone I care about 16th Birthday woohoo!!
10. Learn to ski
11. Re-learn how to play piano
12. Learn how to play guitar
13. Win 1st place (again) at the Greek folk dance festival
14. Get at least a 4 on the AP World exam
15. Learn basic French 
16. Learn some Italian
17. Buy a really nice camera (I have a Polaroid) 
18. Discover new artists and remain loyal to them
19. Read all the Harry Potter books Thanks to my lovely friends who bought me the set
20. Subscribe to Newsweek or Time magazine Sunday afternoons are for iced tea and Time 
21. Be aware of what is going on in the world
22. Join a new club
23. Get at least a 1900 in the SAT
24. Apply to Georgetown University (my dream school)
25. Get a job and put the money towards my college fund
26. Re-watch all episodes of Sherlock
27. Play a grade 6 perfectly on flute (almost there, grade 6 is very difficult)
28. Get into wind ensemble (our schools best band)
29. Go to a music concert
30. Go to the movies and sit down in a random theater and watch the movie
31. Watch one scary movie (I've never seen one and I don't want to but have to!)
32. See Cirque du Soleil again
33. Visit the symphony at least twice
34. Teach one of my friends a Greek dance (Hannah learned a simple dance!)
35. Be a leader in a successful service project   Raised $700+ for RAPHA House by selling Tie-dye shirts
36. Think/ writing down one good thing that happened every day for a year
37. Exercise every day for at least 30 min for a month and keep it up Yay exercise!
38. Not eat junk food (Cheez-itz, cookies, Goldfish) for 3 weeks (so tough!!!)
40. Cook a meal for my family of 4 once a month {it's going!}
41. Complete a DIY once a month {I've kept up}
42. Tutor someone who needs help in a certain subject
43. Improve my math skills
44. Keep my priorities; achieve my short-term goals
45. Go to a Raven's game
46. Learn to appreciate things more
47. In accordance with #46, do one good thing a day for a month or more
48. Eventually complete this list
49. Learn how to windsurf
50. Do 15 laps a day in the ocean over summer   
51. Visit at least 5 other U.S. states 2/5 so far
52. Post at least 3x a month on this blog
53. Help out at the public or my school's library
54. Go on 3 trips without my parents (2/3 so far)
55. Go ice skating
56. Get the full Harry Potter series 
57. Build a really nice snowman
58. Have a fish live for at least a year (His name is Salmon)
59. Compliment someone different everyday
60. Contradictory to #38, have something sweet once a day (candy not junk food)
61. Congratulate myself for making 60 goals
62. Go scuba diving
63. Visit Italy and have real slice of pizza
64. Drink only water, milk, and juice with meals for 2 months
65. Become an amateur photographer and share my photos with you guys
66. Memorize 5 quotes from different books (The Fault in Our Stars, Jane Eyre, Speak, Little House on the Prairie, and Green Eggs and Ham)
67. Go to an art festival Art festival in old town Alexandria, Washington
68. Go to the White House
69. Be daring in a risky situation and try not to regret it later
70. Go rock climbing
71. Fly a kite
72. Sleep under the stars 
73. Ride a roller coaster that goes upside down Done at Disney!
74. Participate in the Color Run
75. Become more familiar with classical music
76.Give one hug a day for a month
77. Drink an entire mug of hot tea (I hate it!)
78. Read 30 books in a year (atl least 150 pages each)
79. Have an article of mine published in the school newspaper
80. Write a short manifesto
81. Tell my parents I love them every day despite any circumstances
82. In relation to #81, try to be the best daughter I can possibly be
83. Get my brother an awesome graduation gift see here
84. Participate in our archdiocese's oratorical festival 
85. Get a scholarship
86. Become an officer in my church's youth group corresponding secretary 
87. Buy a random item off a shelf in the grocery store
88. Run a mile in under 8 minutes
89. Run a mile in under 7 minutes
90. Make a pizza entirely from scratch
91. Get 10 more followers on this blog this year
92. Improve my writing skills
93. Write in cursive at least once a day
94. Develop a real signature
95. Volunteer for more than 3 hours 5 times in 6 months
96. Clean out my closet (lots of junk in there)
97. Refine my music taste 
98. Try 10 new foods 
99. Attempt to play a sport I've never tried
101. Make a list of 101 goals!!! Phew!



  1. Great list! And congrats on the 4 on your AP World test - that is definitely not an easy feat! I remember taking that class my sophomore year and it was such a relief once I finished the AP test!

    - Kirstin

    1. Thanks! And as my first AP course it was a bit of a stretch but now that I've picked up a few more it's gotten a lot better. Although, all these snow days on the east coast aren't helping with the upcoming exam!


  2. I like how you made a list for a specific period of time like this. I totally have a bucket list with no specific time frame in mind except as soon as possible (gotta fit it all in before I kick the bucket). hehe Looks like you are doing a good job working through it!



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