Thursday, January 22, 2015

Decision Making

Right now, my entire life rides on decision making. 
There are the little ones we all face every day: what to wear, who to talk to, what we do with our time.
But my life currently is focused on my future. I'm expected to know what I want to do with the rest of my life and where I want to go to college (more commonly known as the biggest gift my parents will ever give me other than life) and how everything will play out, but I just don't know. 
These big decisions are what get in our way. They're the nagging questions that remain at the back of our heads and we ignore and ignore and ignore until suddenly the time to decide comes and we haven't given them enough thought, if any. 
I'm currently in a situation where I have to decide if my relationship with someone is going to continue. It's one of those things that will just hit me and overwhelm me with the weight of it: my decision affects the emotions of both myself and the other person. 
Ultimately, I have to remember that nothing can be forced. I have to choose my own actions, take responsibility for them, but I can't force this relationship to be what I want it to be just like I can't force myself to realize exactly what I want to do when I get to college. 
Life must be taken one step at a time. 
Have you ever made any tough decisions? Do you have any words of wisdom or lessons you've learned?


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