Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Coping with Stress

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!!! Sorry for such a long hiatus in my posting but when you have a billion things to do and not enough energy, so stuff has to go on the back burner for a little while. Also I was feeling relatively uninspired for a long while and things were basically "meh." But now I have a couple ideas and want to start the 2015 off right. Meaning: 1. I will *hopefully, probably, most-likely* be posting more and 2. try some new types of posts and get creative. 

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 After a long and lovely break filled with holiday cheer and happiness school midterms have been expertly scheduled for the week after school starts back up (brilliant idea, school board). And since we haven't had a full week since school has started again it has been so difficult to actually sit down and study. I'm not sure about you but I cannot handle homework, after school activities, having a "social life" and (re)memorizing information all the way from the beginning of the year for seven of my classes!!! Anyone who can somehow juggle all these things must be some sort of witch. I am stressed. But there are simple and easy distractions/tips that I have done/followed to help cope. So when you have only had 5 hours of sleep, are on the verge of a mental breakdown, and just need to breathe for a second here are my suggestions, that really do work: 


1. Write your thoughts down- As we all know it is never good to bottle up all of your emotions. Writing down how you feel can be very effective, even if it isn't in a special journal. I sometimes write down little poems or phrases on scrap paper. It helps to see physical versions of your mental thoughts.

2. Take a nap- Ah, the glorious nap. Taking a 30 min to hour nap is very effective first, because sleep is a cure-all, and second, you wake up refreshed and energized. Even just closing your eyes helps to calm down and let your mind wander away for a bit. Who knows, maybe you'll come up with a brilliant idea for that English paper due tomorrow. 

3. Do something you enjoy- This could be anything from reading, watching an episode of a show, petting a furry animal, or building something. Doing something you enjoy puts some positive energy back into you and is a nice break from reality.

4. Talk to someone- When I am freaking out and am drowning in mounds of homework, negativity, and fear, Hannah is my go-to. Letting someone know how you feel is a huge weight off your shoulders and most time they will either calm you down and help you to relax and/or give you advice to help. It's comforting to have someone there for you to help you continue and encourage you when you can't yourself. 

5. Make a plan- If your to-do list is maxed out and your calender is full of due dates, it can be quite overwhelming. But if you sit down and figure out how and when you are going to tackle each thing you have somewhere to start. And when you get another wave of overwhelming feelings a simple plan can lead you back on track. 

6. Listen to music- Because you cannot feel stressed when listing to songs like "Shake it Off" and "Uptown Funk." If you're trying to focus put on some classical or Enya-type music. 

7. Take a relaxing bath- Nothing is more revitalizing and calming than a nice bath. Just grab a yummy smelling bath bomb and wash your worries away. Feel free to put on some music and light up a warm candle just for fun:)

8. Yoga or other Exercise- Everyone knows some simple yoga can make all the difference. Getting up and stretching alone helps, but when you're also helping your body it's even better. This year Hannah and I are following this awesome and amazing work out calendar thing. Since I am super nonathletic I never really know how to even start exercising but this plan has made it so much easier. Transferring frustration and stress into something so positive and healthy is very motivating.

9. Cuddle up- On those nights (and early mornings ) where I am up doing homework I often get into my comfy PJs, wrap myself in blankets, and  get all my work done. The main incentive: sleep. But even if you don't want to bring your work to bed simply laying in a bundle of warmth for a few minutes is cozy and comforting. Also recommended: hot chocolate or tea. 

10. Learn something new- Being a high school student means memorizing A TON of information ALL THE TIME. Ex. I am writing this as a break from AP US History studying all the way from the beginning of the year for my test tomorrow. But having the world wide web at my fingertips can come in handy. Learning something completely out of the blue can be a nice way to break up hardcore study sessions. Here are a few suggestions: Scale of the Universeorigamia new language

11. Take a couple deep breaths- As my mom always says "Take a few deep breaths before you start." Mothers do always know best. Just by relaxing yourself in a few seconds you can really focus and be on task. Oxygen is key. 

12. Believe in yourself- Every time you didn't think you could go on, you did. If you start something with an awful attitude it's difficult to change it. Dive into challenges with a positive outlook. You are capable of anything. You know what you are doing. And you can do this. It might sound corny, but even for the tiniest of stressors all you need to do is have faith in yourself.

What do you do to relax, focus, and de-stress? Anything you'd add to my list? Hopefully, you agree or do/will use a few of these pointers to help with the tough times. And now: back to studying. Au revoir!



  1. Love this! I'll have to remember these for next time!
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  2. Great tips!


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