Sunday, August 3, 2014

Take a Deep Breath

Lately, my life has been insanely crowded and stuffed and just the slightest bit stressful (in a good way)
As one of three low brass section leaders, I've had to be the "section mom" so-to-speak. Not only do I have to be responsible for making sure the technique of my section (16 people) is impeccable, I have to make sure that I plan for every contingency. The contents of my backpack are currently along the lines of sunscreen, band aids, lip balm, a variety of lost and forgotten musical parts and drill pages, and lastly my plethora of pens and pencils (my brother actually reminded me the other day that I didn't have a highlighter and therefore wasn't fully prepared, but that's another story). My responsibilities began the week before band camp while I was out of town/in Yellowstone (more on that later) which stressed me out even more because phone service and wifi was limited, and I've begun the terrifying process of learning how to drive.
While it seems like the life of a junior would be simple, I find myself more frustrated than ever with a need for a way to unwind. Through experience, I know what makes me feel better and felt the need to pass on my de-stressing tips to the world

1// Tea ...or any hot beverage really. The herbal scent and taste really calms me down and taking the extra time to drink it in the evening allows time to stop and just think and mull over the day which is exactly what I usually need to plan my next move most of the time.

2// Yoga Taking time to stretch and move will switch your focus from your worries to relaxing. It gives you an opportunity to take a break and take a few deep breaths in the midst of your potentially crazy and busy life.

3// Read I mainly do this before bed when I need to clear my head and wind down from the day. It gives me a chance to slow down and get my body adjusted to not racing around before I attempt to fall asleep. Doing this usually makes me realize how tired I actually am and makes me feel more ready to turn out the lights. Suggested: choose a boring book

4// Write it out If you're anything like me, list making is a habit. Something about organizing and visualizing what needs to be done puts my mind at ease. Even just writing down anything that's going on in your head in a sort of journal entry can help you slow down your brain and address the problem even if you don't keep an active journal.

5// Take a bath The perfect few moments to either focus on how good the warm water feels and forget about everything or to take the time to organize thoughts a bit. Bonus: you're clean by the end

What's your remedy for stress?

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