Monday, July 7, 2014

On the List: Graphic Tees

I adore how casual but still chic graphic tees can make an outfit. Slap a colorful and cute design on a plain tee and voila! It goes with everything!
I recently purchase the In Bloom tee and the smoky the bear tee and love them both. I plan on buying the Yosemite tee as well. The tanks will be perfect for hiking in Yellowstone (I was told to pack for 90 degrees as well as 30 degrees #yikes). The In Bloom tee, I've found, goes with everything. Yellow skirt? Adorable. Red jeans? Perfect. You name it, this tee goes with it. Old Navy does it again and J.Crew's selection isn't looking half bad either. The only difference for me in my selection process is that Old Navy's prices are close to half what J.Crew charges. For a gal making less than minimum wage and buying most of her own clothes, that's a pretty sweet deal.
Have any of you discovered the amazing versatility of graphic tees yet?


  1. I'm crushing on the top left! I've seen it at Jcrew and fell in love!


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