Thursday, July 10, 2014

DIY Scouting

          Lately, I've really gotten into doing hands-on crafting: taking old mugs and making them personalized gifts, using a map to make fabulous coasters, and transforming a cardboard box into a lovely book holder. Once I finish a project I am not only proud or my work, but I want more. I try to find crafts that I can really use or give to someone, and not just have it sitting around the house, collecting dust. Just browsing around the internet there are so many amazing and creative projects that I'm willing to work on. With more free time on my hands I'm ready to take a trip to the craft store and start working on these DIY projects. Wish me luck!

1. Lace diolie candle holder

2. Painted Kitchen Towels (love the puns)

DIY Painted Kitchen Towels

3. Animal Boxes

4. A DIY Photo Clock
(via) although I would just use my own pictures, not ones from instagram


5. DIY Watercolor Mug

 Post image for DIY Watercolor Mug


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