Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Vacation Shopping List

what's in your beach bag?

As of right now, my week off involves making the grueling 10 hour drive down to south carolina. All I care about is if it's warm and if there'll be a beach. Even thought there's an off chance that we'll end up going west and visiting some of the national parks, I can't help but dream about a mid-spring beach holiday.
However, if we do end up oceanside, I have a few pieces that may be necessary to pick up. You know, a new swimsuit or two, some colorful chino shorts, a floppy hat, and a few preppy accessories, the usual. These carefully curated pieces wouldn't just get me through a week in the Grand Strand, but most likely the whole summer. I've been pining after that blouse since forever and totally envision it with a colorful skirt or chino shorts (like those hot pink ones). I'm also excited to try out a high waisted bikini. I'm not quite in the shape I'd like to be in order to rock a bikini so hopefully one with a high waist will be cute yet forgiving (i mean just look at those pineapples!).

the road to spring break
Swimsuit// Bubble Necklace// Flower Necklace// Sunnies// Tortoise Cuff// Hat// Geo Cuff// Shorts// Blouse

Anyone else already excited enough to be planning for their spring break already?
Bon Voyage!!

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