Monday, April 28, 2014

My eyes have been opened

I feel horrible
I'm not ill, but I feel sluggish, grumpy, and my body is basically screaming that it hates me
All I've eaten for the past 2 days has been total junk


I went to the Maryland Latin Convention this past weekend (call me a geek all you want, it was fun!) and from the food provided to the plethora of snacks shared and consumed, I ate nothing but crap all weekend. This resulted in a decrease in my self esteem and an increase in my stress levels as a result. Before spring break, I had lost weight and since, I've gained back half. I've pinpointed that my lack of care for my diet and my lack of exercise over spring break as the causes for this drastic turn of events. Treating my body right has become increasingly important to me over the past few months and I've been trying to slowly break a lot of my bad habits in order to become a more fit person. I've never been thin, I  may never be thin, but I'd like to treat my body well in order to feel and function better. Do you have any fitness goals or any experiences that made you realize how important health is?

Ps: This is helpful ;)

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