Wednesday, April 16, 2014


So the last time I did one of these, it was "new and improved", and yet I continue to edit. This time, I couldn't decide which shoe I wanted more, and I've been a little lax on my reading...

want 1// want 2// need// watch// listen

a) I LOVE KATE SPADE'S ITALIAN INSPIRED LEMON THEME THING!!!!!!! It all looks so clean and pure and fresh...I cannot get enough. While I swoon over the '50's inspired dress, these keds would be perfect for summer. I saw them on Instagram paired with white jeans and decided right then and there that they would be mine... after I save up the money to buy them 
b) jack rogers. I don't own a pair. It's almost summer. 'nuff said

Need: I'm in South Carolina for break and could use a fabulously southern monogrammed floppy sun hat to keep my paper-white freckled shoulders safe from the sun's rays. 

Watch: It's in black and white, it's hilarious, Mary Tyler Moore has adorable style, and it takes place in the late 50's...I seriously couldn't love it more

Read Listen: can someone say "repeat"? I've been listening to Elton John nonstop for some reason...

Have any faves lately?

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