Monday, March 31, 2014

Until the Beach

Students still have 10-11 weeks left of school, its 47 degrees, and we are only on chapter 24 of 36 of your AP World History textbook. But hey! A girl can dream... of being on the beach. Ahhhh, so relaxing. And then I snap back to reality and I look down at my agenda and groan. But I'm already looking at bathing suits and towels... With these items I'm ready to hit the beach.

Until the Beach

Until the Beach by troispetitesfilles


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  1. I crave for summer oh so much, I wish I could spend the whole summer with early morning bike rides on the beach and reading until dinner - I would be in heaven.
    Love the pattern on that suit!
    With Love, Madylin @
    (p.s love all the changes, it looks great girlies!)


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