Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nineteen Fifties


I have way too many skirts to begin with, but I think I've found yet another style that I can justify adding to my collection: The full skirt
After watching a show about women in the 1950's in addition to rewatching Back to the Future, I can't help but desperately want to have the same sassy elegance that comes with a poofy full midi skirt. Aren't they darling? I can totally see myself in these with a crisp blouse or even a tee shirt

full skirts

As charming as these midi skirts are, they seemed flat; they didn't puff out around the models' calves like I had envisioned. A little more digging on modcloth revealed that to get the look I so desperately desired, I needed a petticoat. Never before had I any desire to wear what I considered to be such an old fashioned garment, but the comparison was all the proof I needed.

petticoat power

Another blast from the past look I'm loving are the ankle pants that were considered rebelliously masculine back in the day. Paired with flats, these cute yet sophisticated slacks are perfect for spring.


Anyone have an affinity for the fifties? Just me? Oh Well.


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