Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Morning Phase

I have never listened to a single album so many times in a  row without tiring of it. 
When my dad introduced me to Beck a while back, we were listening to Sea Change in 5.1 surround sound and I thought it was weird at first. My dad put a few of Beck's albums on my ipod and I can now safely say that I'm obsessed. Sea change, Mellow Gold (Loser is a personal fave), Odelay, all favorites of mine. As a musician, I'm more attune to the quality of music. I appreciate the ability to play one or more instruments, meaningful lyrics, chord progressions that send shivers down my spine, etc. Beck is a true musician and it shows in his unique style of music. 
When my dad and I saw that Beck had a new album being released on February 25th after a 6 year span of nothing, we freaked. The sample on amazon only made us more anxious and we pre-ordered the CD. That Tuesday, I scrambled excitedly to the mailbox after school and, lo and behold, the album had arrived in all of its glory. We listened later that night and I was blown away. It's very similar to Sea Change, but more upbeat and happy. Whereas Sea Change had depressing breakup lyrics, every song in Morning Phase is about the beginning of the day. It's a more serene and calming soundtrack but without being too slow and a few of his songs deviate from his normal style (Country Down has more of a country music feel). Overall, I highly suggest it. Like I said, these songs have not only been playing in my house at least twice a day, but, despite their slower pace, end up getting stuck in my head. 
Call me a hippie/hipster all you want, It's an excellent album
(My Favorites in italics...even though they're kind of all my favorites...#whoops)

Heart is a Drum
Say Goodbye
Blue Moon
Don't Let it Go
Blackbird Chain
Turn Away
Country Down
Waking Light


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